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Tokyo Japan Headshot Photographer in New York

First off if you’re looking for a New York Headshot Photographer you can check out my portfolio here.

Here are some more shots that I did while I was in tokyo.  This fantastic model is Yuki.  She was a total blast to work with.  Again I was so sad that I couldn’t speak japanese, because I could tell she had a super fun personality.  When she wasn’t busy looking absolutely gorgeous, she was making funny faces at me.  Which had me laughing pretty much our entire shoot.

Again hair and makeup was fantastic for this shoot.  It was easy to get great shots of yuki with this kind of team.  And tokyo is just such an interesting place to shoot it was hard to find a bad location.  Lighting for this shoot was also fantastic.  I loved all the tones of the sunlight throughout the day.

That first shot was the first look we did that day.  Initially I had a different location picked out, but I loved those trees poking out in the background, and I thought it gave the images a fun almost beachy feel.

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This was our last look, and I loved being able to capture interesting visual elements of the street on these shots.  It fun, because we just don’t have those sorts of things in the US.  Or at least they’re commonplace to my eye.

New York Model Photographer

New York Commercial Photographer

Yuki for Bellona Modeling Agency


This shot was fun, as I shot some barn door light in this weird hallway in a shopping center.

Yuki for Bellona Modeling Agency


I really loved this shot in BW.  This wall was actually a gorgeous teal color, but after retouching it, this shot just worked better in BW.  I think the background was just a bit too busy in color.

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These shots are probably the ones I’m the most proud of on this shoot.  For some reason I just really loved the way the light looked in these shots.  And Yuki was fantastic at posing here.  Sadly during this part of the shoot, my lens got too hot or something and wouldn’t focus.  Which totally sucked, because there were better images in this set, but they were all out of focus.  Again, you just have to make it work.

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