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Wedding Photographer in New York

First off if you’re looking for an wedding photographer take a look at my new york wedding photography portfolio.

So here are some more shots from Jan and Andrews wedding.  I’ve been working a ton on these shots, because they are so much fun to work on.  I swear I’ve actually been smiling when I look at some of these shots.  This was such a great opportunity to work under pressure, and with little preparation.  It was great for me to experience what it’s like to shoot a wedding, and learn what I can and can’t do.  Rarely do I shoot this many people all at once, and it was definitely a challenge to get everyone smiling, eyes open, and looking at the camera.

While developing these shots I put a lot of work into coming up with what I would refer to as a very traditional wedding look.  Well I guess it’s a little modern, but you know what I mean.  Vibrant colors, slight vignette, and high contrast.  I’m happy that I put the work in to figure out what the other wedding photographers were doing to come up with that kind of look, because I think it will make my post production on a lot shots much easier, and give them that great wedding photography feel.  This shoot made me start thinking about becoming a New York wedding photographer.  Or at the very least becoming a candid man for another good New York wedding photographer. 

Bridesmaids New York Wedding Photographer

For both these shots, and I’m sure some of the ones to follow I created a preset in lightroom to get the kinds of colors I was looking for.  Slight vintage, and yet colors that really pop, and skin that looks smooth, and not over colored.  I’m starting to think that maybe I should turn the “vivid” coloring off in my camera, because I think it’s over saturating things on the orange side.  We’ll see if I do that, but I need to do more experiments first.

Wedding Photography New York Headshot

They were such a cute couple to take pictures of.  It was nice to work with a couple that was so obviously comfortable with each other.  They had no problem getting close and snuggling up to each other.  That made everything so much easier.  If I do become a New York wedding photographer it’s going to be hard to always find couples so at ease on a big day like this, and who can hold smiles like this for hours on end.

The boys riding on the playground.

This shot was all their idea, and it turned out great.  Everyone was having such a blast that day.

The Rings Wedding Photography

I think this was the shot they were most excited about.  I’m so used to doing engagement photography where there is only one ring involved that my usual tricks didn’t work.  I had to come up with something creative, so this is what I came up with.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing this shot again for another couple, just because I love the way it turned out.

Anyways I hope you like them so far.  There are a ton of other ones, and I might post more as time goes on, but I want Jan and Andrew to have some surprises as they are looking through the pictures, so I don’t want to post them all just yet.

Hope ya like em,


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  1. Tom

    Very nice work, Dave! Especially for your first time under the gun – it’s definitely a different feeling than the more controlled studio work. I’m sure they’ll be very happy with these shots!


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