Portrait Photography in New York { Alita Book Work }

Alita New York Fashion Photography

Another installment of me trying to do a bit more blogging, and at least writup something more often for my photography work.  Say hello to Alita, a local model that was looking to beef up her book with a more diverse look.  She had plenty of promotional style work in her portfolio, but we wanted to add some more high fashion style headshots.  So we worked on getting stuff that certainly had sex apeal, but showed off her true beauty.  I wouldn’t call this beauty work, but it certainly highlights what a great face she has.

This first shot I did using freelensing, which was a frustrating blast.  I only got about 3 great shots, but man were they fun to work on.  Super hard shot to get, but it was fun.

Alita Portrait Headshot Photography

again I totally love the look I can get from hard light.  It’s so much fun to do selective coloring on it.

I’ve really been digging this recent craze to go with a more faded look.  It’s super easy once you get the hang of it.

Alita New York Fashion Photography

New York Fashion Photographer

I’ve been such a big fan of these light leaks in my shots, they’re a blast, but certainly hard to figure out where to put them. =)

Alita New York Photographer

Hope yall like them.


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