Portrait Photographer in New York { Barbie Portrait Session }

Portrait Photographer New York

I had such a blast working with barbie.  She’s a local model, with a heart of gold.  Super sweet girl, I couldn’t believe how nice she was.  Anyways we wanted to put some new looks into her book.  She had worked with a lot of the big names in new york so I had to make sure that we got something new and fresh for her.  I wanted to make sure these shots stood out amongst her other shots in her in portfolio so I worked on getting some new fresh lighting ideas, and some new looks from her.

Portrait Photographer New York

Here you can see this is where I first started working with my new logo.  I’m a big fan, and I think it’s a major upgrade.  But let me know what you think.

Portrait Photographer New York

I’m such a fan of this new rocker lighting.  It’s so much fun, and so easy to produce with.

Portrait Photographer in New York

This is another one of my favorite shots from the session.  Super easy, just a piece of cork board to get those cool holes in the shot.

Portrait Photographer New York

Last shot, of course going with that faded look, which has been super fun.


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