Peter @ Wilhelmina Modeling Agency { New York Headshot Photographer }

Peter in the studio with a beauty dish

First off if you’re looking for a New York Headshot Photographer you can check out my portfolio here.

Well I’m finally back from my trip to Seattle, and I’m out from under the most horrific stomach flu I’ve ever had in my life.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say I’m super glad that’s over with.

Seattle was fun, no major news to report.  I went down to the fish market, but I was kinda disappointed.  I thought it was bigger, and cooler.  I guess there’s very few that can compare to the fish markets in Japan.  I also went to the art museum there.  It was ok, but again nothing earth shaking.  It’s hard for us photographers to find great inspiration.  The art museums cater to things that are older, and typically that’s not photography.  If you have any great suggestions, leave me a comment.

This first shot was actually the last shot of the day.  We shot it in the studio with a simple beauty dish from a ways away.  I just wanted to offer Peter something else to pick from, as he had booked me for two looks on this shoot, and it was super easy to setup a beauty dish, and catch a few extra shots.  I really like the way this one came out.  He was actually a really handsome guy, but he had some terrible shots in his portfolio, old dated stuff that really didn’t represent his current look.  And he certainly didn’t have anything that looked modern.  We went with a few outside looks, and a few studio looks.  That way he could have a nice updated portfolio, and a comp card that would really work for him.


Peter headshot on Black outside, with a ton of lens flare


These shots we did outside against some black velvet.  Something that I’ve learned is probably one of my favorite looks of all time.  It just creates such an interesting contrast, and really makes the model the center of attention like nothing else can.

Peter on Black without any lens flare.

Headshots over by the taxi building in New York

Peter sitting on a ledge, modeling shot for wilhelmina new york


Lately, I’ve been playing with these kinds of shots where I give my model a ton of headroom.  I really like the look of these shots, as I think they can lead to some really interesting compositions.  This one came out great with all the teals and other fun colors.

Pet with wilhelmina new york, parabolic umbrella high and above

This was probably my favorite shot of the whole shoot.  I lit this pretty simply with one light behind throwing a ton of light on a white backdrop, and then I had a parabolic umbrella high and up to really accentuate his features.  The black shirt contrasts so nicely on this shot.  And I didn’t loose all that great detail in the clothing either.


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