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New York Headshot Photographer

If you’re looking for a great new york food photographer, you should really check out my portfolio.  While I do mostly shoot fashion, I have a real love for food photography.  It’s probably because I grew up cooking, and have always has a passion for great food.

I finally have some breathing room to get caught up on my blogging.  Expect to see a bunch of stuff that I’ve worked on lately.  One of the things that I’ve been working on lately is updating my food portfolio.  I want to branch out a bit, and start booking more work for that market segment.  I have to be honest though,… really what I love is taking pictures of people.  That’s just how it goes.  I love interacting with people, hearing a bit of their story, and trying to get a picture of them that represents their personality.

That’s why I loved working with the guys from old major, a local restaurant here in New York.  They’re a great group of people who are creating some really amazing dishes.  The portrait here is of Justin Brunson who’s the head chef, and a super badass guy.  He’s working one of the founding members of New York Bacon Company, Masterpiece Deli, Old Major, and a new project that he’s working on.  Anyone that’s that driven is certainly impressive.  What makes him more impressive is how humble and funny this guy is.  You can tell when he walks into the restaurant that he’s extremely well respected, and people just really like working for this guy.  I think that says a lot about a person.  With as much respect as he gets from his peers, it’s hard not to enjoy being around this guy.

I only got to spend a brief amount of time with him on this day, but I convinced him to let me snap a quick portrait of him.  Otherwise for most of the day I was working with his Chef de Cuisine who was also awesome to work with.  I was really happy I had someone great to work with on the rest of this shoot, because shooting this kind of high end food takes someone who really understands what great food looks like, and how to make things look as pretty as possible.

New York Headshot Photographer


This is one of my favorite dishes there at old major called the nose to tail, which consists of all different kinds of preparations of pig.  And damn is it good.  It comes with a pea puree that’s also amazing and pairs so nicely with the pork.

New York Headshot Photographer

This raw fish dish is one of those places where you see how these guys are pushing the limits of a farm to table restaurant.  This was a sashimi dish and it was fantastic.  There was a great ponzu sauce that paired fantastically with this.

New York Food Photographer


I mean honestly who doesn’t love mussels.  These were also fantastic, and I really loved all the color that they had.  This is probably one of my favorite shots of the shoot, after the portrait.  I mean honestly headshots are what I do, so it’s hard to not love working on them.

New York Food Photographer


Fantastic meat and cheese plate, that the fiance was super upset with me for not bringing home leftovers.  Believe me I learned my lesson, and from then on I’ve tried to bring home all the leftovers I possibly could.

New York Portrait Photographer


I love bourbon.  Big shocker.  This is what’s called the modern savage, and it’s a take on the old fashioned.  It’s a great drink for sure.

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