New York Portrait Photographer { Symantha Country Music Shoot }

New York Portrait Photographer Country Photoshoot

Oye it’s been a while, but I’ve been so busy planning my own wedding it’s a bit hard to shoot other peoples weddings/engagements/portraits.  These shots are from a bit ago, and I’m stoked to finally get to post them.  I had a total blast on this shoot with Symantha.  She came to me wanting some nice portraits for her website/promotional stuff.  She’s a country music singer and wanted a bit of a country look to her portrait session.  I”m not gonna lie, this isn’t the majority of my work.  I mainly do a downtown feel.  I’m an urban guy, and I certainly know the urban scene, and I have an urban eye.  But every time I step out of my comfort zone I learn something about myself, and my photography.  You know how much fun that is?  So I was super excited to do this shoot, and after meeting Symantha I knew we were going to have a blast on our shoot.

For the shoot I decided to go up to boulder to find some great “country” looking locations.  Sadly though all of our country locations were in use by the local cattle population.  Good thing this girl didn’t mind getting her boots a little dirty.  You gotta love a girl that isn’t a princess and wants to get great shots.  It’s so much easier to work with people who are willing to go through a bit of pain for a really great shot.

I had another great thing going for me on this shoot.  I had some new equipment to play with.  I got to shoot my new pocket wizards which were a total blast.  They sync up to 1/8000 which means I can have a flash into the direct sunlight wide open and have a flash to even out the shadows.

New York Music Photographer

Like in this shot the sunlight was coming from behind, and I still was shooting wide open… I popped a flash to fill in the shadows and I got a shot like this.  Something that without the amazing sync speeds would have taken a few assistants with a scrim, and a reflector.  Now I can do all this myself with a flash.  And because the high sync speed doesn’t actually use as much power, I can pop my flashes at basically the same frame rate as my shutter.  * for the most part.  I really liked so many shots from this shoot, I normally pick my top 3 shots from a shoot, but here I had to show a bunch more.

Black and White Country Music Photographer

I think for the most part Symantha wanted really happy smiley shots, but for some reason I just loved the way some of her more serious poses turned out.  It’s not really her personality to be serious.  She was all smiles the whole shoot, but some of the more serious poses are some of my favorite shots from the shoot.

Country Music Singer Portraits

Golden Country New York Music Photographer

Barn New York Music Photographer

This next shot is one of my favorites.  It totally reminds me of a shot from one of my favorite photographers, and humorously enough it was a band photo as well.  His shot was of a duo, but this shot still reminds me a lot of that shot, just with my own personal flair.  Again with a serious shot that I just loved.  This one wasn’t posed at all.  We were testing lighting, but for some reason I just love this shot.

Nature Symantha Country Singer New York Photography

Sunny New York Photography Country Portrait

Anyways I hope you like them, and again big thanks to Symantha for being down to hike around in some cow fields.


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    You really have an eye to capture and show the real beauty of the angle of this person. Very beautiful shots you got here.


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