{ New York Portrait Photographer } My 30th Birthday in New York

Well I had a total blast in New York City for my birthday it was truly one of my favorite trips I’ve ever taken in my entire life.  I had an amazing group of friends all meet up with me for my 30th there and we had so much freaking fun.

Some fun things about the trip:

Amazing indian food at this restaurant with all sorts of crazy christmas lights hanging from the ceiling.

The weird rivalry between the next door neighbor to the Indian restaurant.

Central Park with my wife.

Coffee at an amazing french bistro…. also with the wife.

Hanging out with some of my favorite people in the whole world.

Hearing that one of the couples I was with were going to get engaged in a week.

Riding in a Limo, because we couldn’t find a damn cab.

Seeing a temper tantrum or two.

Brooklyn Bridge in the rain.

I simply couldn’t have imagined a better birthday, and it made turning 30 a bit more bearable.

I hope you enjoy all my random shots.  These were all shot with my new Xpro1, which was kind of a birthday present to myself on this trip. =)


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