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Well winter is here, and seeing as how my business certainly slows down in the winter I’ve been thinking recently about some goals for my business the winter.  Winter time is rough for any photographer, not much going on with weddings, most couples don’t want to do engagement photography when it’s super cold outside, and most families are worried about the holidays more than doing any family portraits.  So the winter time is a perfect opportunity for photographers to work on their craft, perfect their SEO, and work on other aspects of their business.

This winter is no different for me.  I’m going to be focusing on working on my craft, and also working on trying to drum up a lot more business through SEO.  So I’ve set up a few goals for myself this winter.


New York Photographer

I’m going to be working on ranking for New York photographer.  I think this is key to make sure that I’m at least in the top 2 pages for SERPs.  Of course I would love to be ranking on the first page, but there is also a ton competition in that page, and it’s certainly going to be hard to compete on that SERP.  I think a realistic goal for me would be to get ranking on the top 2 pages.  Of course portrait work is my favorite type of job.  Portraits are what I do.  I love capturing people, and having people be amazed at how well they look in professional portraits.  It’s so funny to me how often people say… “I’m not photogenic”, and then they see professional pictures, and their eyes light up with seeing themselves through a professional eye for the first time.  Of course you can’t always please everyone, but I really strive to make sure that my portraits capture the person behind the look.


New York Portrait Photographer

I’m going to try my hardest to start seeing my name in some of the SERPs for New York Portrait Photographer.  I think there is an equal amount of opportunity in that SERP, and I really think I can break into that market as well.  I’m still unsure as to how hard it’s going to be to break into that one.  Currently I don’t come any where near ranking for that SERP, but I also haven’t been trying.  I need to focus more of my energy on working towards that SERP.  It’s going to be difficult because I’m not sure which SERP to focus my energy between, both of them get a fair amount of traffic, but obviously portraits are what I do.  Getting more ranking in that area would be great for getting the kind of business that I truly love which is portrait work.


New York Food Photographer

This one is a bit different.  Really I feel like this market could get blown wide open here in New York.  And I hope I’m not giving away my trade secret by saying this.  Currently the search volume for food photography is not that high, actually there is a ton more volume for Engagement photography than there is food photography, but I really think that getting into more commercial shooting could lead to more business during the winter, when I have plenty of time, and shooting indoors sounds like a nice change from the cold weather.  I’m going to be building my portfolio this winter, getting ideas from all the great food photography I’ve seen over the last few years.  I just ordered a nice macro lens that hopefully should really help me to get the kinds of pictures I have in my head that I want to work on immediately.

Well I guess wish me luck.


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