New York Photographer { Winter is here! }

New York Fashion and Engagement Photographer Dave Brown takes a few pictures to show that he's a New York Photographer

Oy, It’s getting cold again here in New York.  I’m so torn when it comes to cold weather.  On the one hand I love skiing in the mountains and sledding, but on the other hand I had the slick roads here in New York, and those cold breezes that seem to cut right through my jacket.  Sadly I’m not going to get a chance to go skiing as much as I want to this year, because I’m saving up for my wedding.    Yes that’s right I’m engaged if you didn’t know.  Which is awesome!  I’m getting really excited to get married.  We’ve been doing our wedding tastings and all sorts of other stuff to try and get everything planned out.  Man it’s a lot of work!  Thank god my fiance is so good at this stuff otherwise I’m not sure how we would get all this stuff done.

Thankfully I found a wedding photographer.  I knew that was going to be a real challenge, I’m picky when it comes to photographers… I know surprising right?  My other real problem with photographers around here is that so many of them think that they are San Francisco Wedding Photographers who think they can charge an exorbitant amount of money for a wedding.  I’m sorry but so many of these people are not ‘that’ good.  Granted there are a ton of good photographers in the new york area, but at the same time so many of them can’t hold a candle to some of the really great wedding photographers around the country and yet they’re charging like they’re in the same league.  Anyways the wedding photographer I went with is Marilee Langner, and I’d be happy to put a link here, but we compete in some of the same SEO space, so I can’t.  She’s super cool, and I really like her style.

We’re going to be getting married at the Red Lion Inn in Boulder, which is great because it has the 2 things that we both really wanted.  Outdoor ceremony location, and a creek that you can hear.  I’m stoked to be getting married at a place where I can hear the creek.  I’m a big fly-fisherman, and to be able to hear running water was really important to me.  It’s the most soothing sound I can think of, and it’s going to make me happy to be that close to moving water.

I’m still having trouble figuring out who I want to do my engagement photography, Marilee is great and all, but I really want to have different styles between my wedding photography and my engagement photography.  I think I might go with a friend of mine who did a bunch of shooting down in New Mexico, but hasn’t really broken out here just yet.

It’s amazing how much wedding planning can really consume you.  It seems to be the only thing that me and my fiance talk about, except for my recent bout with Movember.  I grew out a really bad looking mustache for the whole month of November.  Thankfully I didn’t have any client meetings towards the end of the month, otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have scared away anyone who wanted to book me.  It was BAD looking.  I’m just not the kind of man that can pull off facial hair very well.  And for the final night I put some ‘Just for Men’ in it so it really stood out on my face.  Why would I do this?  I was raising money and awareness for mens health.  My namesake died of testicular cancer when he was 22, so mens health is a cause I can really get behind.  We ended the month by going to a really fun gala party at the Oak Tavern in Downtown.  But damn I’m glad to be rid of my stache.  It was just getting a bit too annoying for me.

I’m certainly looking to a bit of a break for winter.  I think towards the end of this engagement / wedding season I was getting a bit burned on doing a shoot every weekend.  If you don’t know I actually work a regular 9-5 job as well.  So all that work and shooting professionally can certainly take its toll on you.  I think I’m going to start doing a bit more macro photography, and I would love to break into food photography, but everyone that I offer to trade services for some food work won’t call me back.  They all seem super excited when I offer it up, and then…. radio silence. I’ve got to figure out a way to break into food photography.  I think that’s what I’m going to try and work on this winter.  More food photography, and more food…. ok actually maybe not I think I’m starting to get a little Buddha belly.  Not attractive.  I’m going to get another lens that’s more for macro / food photography, a Nikon 105mm.  If any of you guys have a better suggestion please let me know.

If you can’t tell the winter allows me to write more blog posts on random stuff like what’s going on in my life.  I hope it’s at least mildly interesting.


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  1. Eder

    Congrats and good vibe .,We Will do some food photopgraphy next month or so…….or whenever you have sometime……..
    Take care guys
    Eder Yanez Mota

    • New York Engagement Photographer

      Hey Eder!!!, Thanks for commenting on my blog, Holidays are a busy time for me, but maybe sometime in January we can get together and talk about what kind of shots you would like for your food photography. I’m really looking forward to it, hell I even bought a lens just for you guys, so I could get some cool macro shots. Well I guess it wasn’t just for you guys, but you know what i mean.


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