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Urban Decay New York Photographer

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It’s certainly rare that I do a series.  I find when I go out shooting that most of the time I end up with one or two photographs that I really like and everything else is just not up to par.  So I went out recently with a theme in mind, and I wanted to try and put together a whole series of shots.  And look at my film on a whole, and come up with a much larger set of shots.

I had been doing a bit of location scouting and driving around a bunch of really weird locations to try and find something along the lines of urban decay.  I just recently watched a documentary about Detroit and how urban decay up there is part of everyday life.  It’s interesting how that has affected art in that area.  Artists can get expansive lofts for next to nothing, and if they do have a full time job they have much more money to spend on their art.  This is not to say it’s not a hard life up there.  Jobs are extremely few and far between and I’m sure people are constantly worried about whether they will simply be able to feed themselves.  I can’t imagine how this would affect how I saw the world, and thus my photography.  If I was in Detroit I would be fascinated with the urban decay and photographing all these historic monuments that have been left for dead over the last 10 years.  But interestingly the artists up there don’t have the same interest.  Instead of seeing all the decay they are choosing to create, rebuild, and repaint.  And in turn coming up with some really great stuff.

So being inspired by all this I decided to try and do my own series on urban decay here in New York.  Of course finding urban decay in a city that is not quite as downtrodden is hard, but not impossible and these are the shots that I came up with.

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Old Smoke Stack Factory

old Sheet Metal

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Random Lost Metal

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