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Tyler in Creative Fashion Shoot MMJ Dispensary

Here are a few other shots that I did on that collaboration night with another group of local photographers.  You can read more about that night here including my usual ramblings.

This is Tyler.  Who happens to be one of my favorite people in the new york fashion scene.  She has a really drop dead gorgeous face, and I absolutely adore the way this girl moves.  It’s really a bit sad she’s not taller, because I feel like she’d have an amazing career as a model.  In this industry though, that’s just a show stopper.  There just isn’t room for the girls who don’t quite have the height.  I mean I get it, to be a great fashion model, it means that you can fit the sample sizes, which are normally built for girls that are 5’10”.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people like tyler who would be great if that weren’t the case.

Both of these shots were shot in about 15 mins.  I just grabbed tyler real quick to shoot a few shots.  I wanted to get out of the studio for a minute, so we walked around right outside the studio.  The area over there is a really industrial concrete jungle.  I loved the thought of shooting on one of the big 18 wheelers over there.

For that first shot we had to try and get tyler up on the truck, which wasn’t exactly easy.  That trucks hood was almost as tall as I was, and in heels it was no easy task to climb up there.  I gave tyler a bit of a shove, and she managed it though.  Although, watching her get down was pretty scary.  Again with heels, it was a precarious moment.

For both of these shots I just shot my einstein with a standard reflector.  No grid, just nice hard light.  Tyler has such a great face for that kind of light, because she has a killer set of cheekbones. If you shoot that kind of light against someone who doesn’t have the face for it, their face turns into one big white blob.  Something I learned a long time ago.  It’s not a pretty look when that kind of lighting doesn’t work well.  Luckily it’s pretty easy to tell in the camera.  “Can you see their cheekbones, and is there a bit of shadow around the jawline”, if so you’re golden, otherwise you’re going to have to come up with a different look.

Anyways I hope you like them.

Tyler in Creative Fashion Shoot MMJ Dispensary

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