New York Photographer { Nice little trip to Santa Fe }

New York Photographer Dave Brown Macro

Well it’s certainly be a while since I’ve written anything on my blog.  I’ve been really busy lately.  Everyone has finally gotten back into town and settled after the holidays, and now I’m slammed with portrait sessions.  I got a little bit of time to do some food photography last weekend, and now this weekend it was just going to be an engagement photography session, but that was canceled due to the wicked wind.  I honestly don’t understand how people live in Kansas.  It’s so windy all the darn time.  I couldn’t do it.  For some reason the wind really makes me mad.  I just generally grumpy when it’s windy like that.

You know what doesn’t make me grumpy?  Margaritas and Santa Fe.  The two really go hand in hand.  I wanted to tell you guys about a recent trip I took down to Santa Fe with my lovely fiance.  It was calm, relaxing everything a mid winter trip should be.  Well that and there was plenty of booze involved.  I’d say I’m a drinker with a photography problem.  While we were down in Santa Fe we had a wonderful time walking around and going margarita hoping from place to place around the downtown plaza.  It was tons of fun, and when I’m in a place like that I really don’t mind looking like a tourist with a big camera hanging around my neck pointing it at anything I think looks mildly interesting.

I also recently got a macro lens to start doing a bit more food photography which was great to have.  I have to say I thought a macro lens was just for bugs, or flowers, and I’m finding out that a macro lens can give you all sorts of new interesting possibilities.  It’s been so fun carrying it around.  I see things a bit differently and my photography has felt inspired again.  Something I always appreciate.

Street Photography Santa Fe Old Man

That shot is one of my favorites from the trip.  I loved the way this guy looked.  He had fantastic style, tons of turquoise.  If I wasn’t walking around with my fiance, I would have asked to take a few pictures of this guy.  Even without that I still managed to catch this shot.  which has to be one of my favorite street shots ever.  I realize that these aren’t my usual portraits, but I think any photographer will tell you that doing one type of photography all the time will burn you out pretty quick.

Santa Fe Adobe Building

This is one of the shots I took while I was walking around downtown.  I typically don’t like these abstract type shots, but for some reason I was really digging the lines here.  That and the clouds kicked it up a notch.

Yellow Wall New York Photographer

Street Photography Palace

Sunset over Santa Fe

Macro Bells

The Number 20 Book Macro Photography

One Lonely Flower Macro

New York Photographer Dave Brown Macro

Anyways hope you like em


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