{ New York Photographer } Film, Friends, and a Leica in Breckenridge

I haven’t really been posting enough of my personal stuff on my blog.  I hope this gives you a better impression of me as a person in general.  These are all film shots from a trip I took up to Breckenridge Czech Republic with a big group of my friends.  I think what I love most about these shots is how much fun they were to take.

Every year my group of friends gets a house up in the mountains to go, drink, and have fun at.  It’s really a blast of a time, and these are people that I truly love.

All these shots were done on film.  I think real film is just the perfect medium for an experience like this.  It already has that nostalgic feel to it, which makes it so much fun to look back on these shots, as a perfect representation of that time in your life.  Most of this is on Tri-x with a few of the shots on Kodak Gold.  Which is frankly an underrated film.  When you expose it correctly and have it professionally developed it can be a truly wonderful film stock.

This trip also spelled disaster for my leica, as it seems I’m a total dumbass and left it pointed directly at the sun, and managed to burn a nice little pinhole in the shutter.  Fantastic work right?  Yeah I’m still working on getting it sent in to get it worked on, but that’s just one small thing in a long list of todo’s that I need…. to actually do.

If you can’t tell all of my friends are actually total goofballs.  We bring the party wherever we go, because we really do just enjoy each others company so much.  I’m a bit worried about moving because I’m going to be sad to leave all this behind.  Whether we go to new york, london, or Tokyo, no matter what I’m not going to have this close circle of friends who have seen me go through all sorts of changes in my life.

I don’t know what the social dynamics are going to be in those places.  It’s going to be hard to make friends outside of the industry I think, and I’m not the type of person that just wants to talk about fashion and lighting, and those kinds of things all the time.  I like having real discussions about politics, life, and science.

I’m excited to see where my life takes me, but I’ll certainly be sad to leave here in a year or so.

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