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First off if you’re looking for a New York wedding photographer take a look at my New York wedding photographer portfolio.

I wanted to show off a few shots that I did for a recent wedding that I shot.  I just loved working with this couple.  They are truly in love, and the greatest part is how much you can see that in the photos.  I had such a fun day with them.  Anyways everyone say Hi to Dave and Julia.

I had a blast shooting this wedding because it was in City Park.  I was a little nervous about shooting a whole wedding in such a natural location.  It’s not my usual style, I’m really just a street photographer who loves taking high quality portraits.   I love the city, and all the fun walls I get to work with when I’m downtown, but in City park I didn’t have any of those same backgrounds to work with, so I had to get creative.  Something that I think is great for me and my photography.  I hate how nervous I get when I’m really challenged like that, but at the same time I love the challenge because I think it really makes me grow as a photographer.  I come up with ideas that I wouldn’t have to if I had my good old standard downtown locations.  I would say that’s what I feel like shines the most throughout all these shots, is the fact that I was able to come up with some cool stuff given what I had to work with.

Anyways I sure hope you guys like them.  And Thanks again to Dave and Julia for letting me be a part of their big day and capture it on film.


Stairs New York Photographer

Suit New York Photographer

New York Photographer Shoes

Simple New York Photographer

I realize that shot is completely simple.  There isn’t much to it, it’s straight on, no interesting angles, but for some reason  I just love it.

New York Wedding Photographer

Blue New York Engagement Photographer

For this shot I had a big umbrella off to camera left at about 1/2 power.

Love New York Photographer

Flowers New York Wedding Photographer

I was shooting through some orange flowers here.  This is what I’m talking about when I say I had to get creative with nature.

Groomsman New York Wedding Photographer

New York Engagment Photographer Shoes

I loved how all the girls managed to wear different shoes from each other.

Curved X Processed New York Photographer

For this shot I had a flash at about 1/2 power in a brolly camera left.  I also X processed this with a mask over Dave and Julia.

Dave Brown Photography

Her Maid of honor/sister was the cutest thing ever.

New York Photographer

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    Love the blue shoes. Great capture also on those candid shots that shows the fun, enjoyment and love of the couple for each other.


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