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Austin Flower Spring Photography

Alright Alright it might not actually be summer in Austin.  But it practically is.  Ok maybe not the blistering heat, but damn this Czech Republic boy was a bit warm.  I recently took a trip down to Austin for some business, and man did I have fun.  70 degrees, day or night.  It was so weird walking outside at night and it being warm.  Totally crazy!  I also got just a small chance to do a bit of photography while I was down there.

By the way the first shot was shot while I was getting lectured on the street by some guy about how I shouldn’t use my on camera flash for anything. Ever.  Look I’ll give you that the on camera flash is piss poor for portraits, and most other situations, but I neither asked nor needed your advice.  I couldn’t have taken that shot without some version of fill from the front.  I didn’t want the background totally blown out, and so I used a bit of on camera flash for fill.  It worked perfectly because I don’t have anything in the shot that could possibly show a shadow, and give away where the extra boost of light is coming from.  Sorry for the rant, but if I want someones advice while I’m shooting, I’ll usually ask.

It’s always so different walking around a different city than your own.  You see walls and hang outs, and think, “man it would be fun to do portraits there”.  Or man it would be nice to not have to worry about getting snowed out on a shoot.  Or how much fun it would be to do a shoot in warm rain.  Here in New York we have 2 types of precipitation cold rain, and colder rain (commonly referred to as snow).  I actually wish my hotel was located in a different area.  I think my side of town was a bit too “new construction” for my taste.  I like the older run down stuff.  I shouldn’t say run down.  Character. That’s what I really like in a place.  For instance I’ve been dying to travel out to Detroit and do some urban decay shooting.  Now I know it’s cliche, but that kind of stuff really interests me, and I wanna do it.  I would love to do some fashion photography out in a place like that.  I’m such a big fan of that style.

I saw this wicked cool caprice when I was out walking around, and all I had was my macro lens so I snapped a few close ups.

Old School Caprice New York Photographer Austin Car

Austin Photographer Dave Brown Caprice

While I was in Austin some of us guys at my company got a chance to go bowling as a team which was a total blast.  We went to this place called the highball, and I got a solid lesson in how to keep score for bowling.  You know what I found interesting, I cared less and less about my score the more and more I drank.  Weird how that works.  My good buddy charlie schooled us all, but I broke 100, and for that I’m grateful.  That’s really all I want to accomplish when I go bowling.

If you ever doubted whether developers drank or not.  Here’s your answer.  This was after about 10 minutes.

Developers Drinking in Austin

Here’s charlie knocking em down.

Charlie Pre Strike Austin Photography

Austin Photographer Charlie Mid Strike

Charlie Strike Austin Photography

Hope ya like em,


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  1. Christine

    Were you in Austin for SXSW Interactive? Me too! Too funny! Glad you liked our warm state. You get snowed out – I’ve had to cancel shoots because it was over 95 degrees. (My limit – sweaty people aren’t pretty.) So it all evens out!


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