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Fine Art Photographer in New York Goes Location Scouting

I know it’s rare that I put up something so abstract on my blog, but every once in a while I see an abstract shot that I really enjoy.  This is one of those cases.  I rarely do abstract photography anymore.  I’m far too busy doing portrait photography, which is really my main passion.  But when I first got into photography I did a lot more abstract photography than portraits.  I mean honestly how many times can you take a picture of your friends before they start to get annoyed.

I always enjoyed using textures in my abstract photography.  I think the use of textures adds what I like to call “Crunch” to an image.  Something that makes it a bit gritty, and real.   I’m not sure why but abstract shots without texture tend to bore me.  I tend not to be able to see the character.  In abstracts it’s hard for me to see why the shot is interesting without a bit of texture.  I’m not saying that I put textures on everything, but for the most part I enjoy the life it breaths into an abstract shot.

I took this shot when I was walking around downtown doing some location scouting for an upcoming engagement shoot.  I typically don’t find to many interesting shots when I’m going location scouting.  It seems like my brain is in a different mode when I’m location scouting than when I’m just out shooting.  But this shot just seemed to jump out at me.  It was getting close to sunset.  There was this great looking modern building that I was walking around finding tons of cool areas to do some shooting for my engagement session, and I saw this wall with black windows.  Darkly tinted and perfectly reflecting the mirrored scene across the street from them.  I Knew that this would be a great shot if I could pull off in my head what I was thinking and actually capture it in the camera.  So I paused for a minute, changed to the mode of photographer and not location scouter, and snapped a few shots.  I knew one of them would turn out like I wanted.  I love how this shot almost looks like a double exposure.  It’s actually the gaps between the large windows that create that double exposure look.  Something I’ve really been digging lately.  Not sure why double exposures seem to pop out at me lately, but I sure do like the artistic nature of them.

This shot obviously isn’t straight out of the camera.  Once I got the contrast where I wanted it in Lightroom, I moved it over to Photoshop where I went to work.  This shot has about 6 different texture layers added to it.  And then on the top there is a hue and saturation layer added to give it a warmer glow.

Photography Stats :

Exposure: 1/6400 sec
Aperture: f/2.0
Focal Length: 85 mm
ISO Speed: 200

Anyways I hope you like it.


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