New York Pet Photographer { Walking around Downtown}

New York Pet Portrait Photography

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Well I went walking around Downtown New York yesterday afternoon and all the cute puppies were out in full effect!  I don’t normally see so many cute dogs, but I guess I just got lucky.  I love seeing all the little pooches who are all so happy to be out and about.  This first little guy was with his parents and his brother.  I just love frenchies.  They are so cute, have so much personality and remind me a lot of my own fat little Boston terrier.  Yes I said it my dog is kind of a chunk.  That’s OK I still love him the same, but a lot of people actually mistake him for a frenchie.  I wish I had a chance to get a good shot of the other frenchie that was with this little guy, but I had my macro lens on and wasn’t really equipped to take some great portraits.  At least not with only a few seconds.  They were both super sweet, and just wanted a bit of attention.  I love how friendly frenchies are.  I sometimes wish my boston wasn’t such a snot.  Love him to death, but sometimes he can be a bit picky about who he ‘talks’ to.

This next big guy was just hanging out outside Anthony’s Pizza on 16th street.  He was being such a good boy, just sitting hanging out.  Sweetest face.

Well I sure did have fun location scouting, and I think I’m going to start trying to get more pictures of pets when I’m walking around town next time.  I remember this Great Dane that I saw outside one night when I was just getting into photography and I totally missed the shot.  I really wish I would have nabbed a shot of this very regal looking dog, but I was just a bit too green to come away with anything spectacular.

I think I’m going to start really trying hard to get more into pet photography work, I love playing with dogs, and love being around all their personalities.  It’s time to start growing this aspect of my business a little.

Pet Portraits in New York

New York Pet Photography

Anyways hope you like em!


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