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New York SAG acting headshot photographer


I’m starting to get closer to catching up on doing my blogging.  I’m still pretty far behind, but I’m getting closer.  These shots are only 4 months old. 🙂  That’s progress for me.

So child star Matt Gumley came to me to get him some great head shots before a play that he was in, wanted him to cut off all of his hair.  The life of an actor eh?  Wouldn’t that just suck.  I can’t imagine working in a job where my appearance was dictated to me by my employer.  Luckily I get to be a photographer which means flannel all day every day.  No seriously I’m wearing flannel right now.

For Matt we wanted to get him something really clean, but at the same time showed some character.  He wanted some happy shots, along with something a bit more moody.

For the first set of shots we went with a nice clean sweep white.  I put a can on a boom right over his head that I over exposed on.  I think I was pushing 340ws @ f/8.  When you overexpose the background like that, you can get some nice ghosting around the edge of the person.  It really ups the look from pretty boring, to something a bit more interesting.  For key light, I just used a big octabox.  I think the octabox is great for headshots, but when I shoot fashion, I want something with a bit more edge to it.  So often times with this setup I’ll use a parabolic in front.  It’s a similar look, but not 100% the same.

This next shot was the same setup.  I just liked the way it came out in black and white.

Acting Headshots New York Photographer





Matt was great to work with.  His mom came along for the shoot, and they were both a ton of fun to work with.  I think we got some great shots, and I already have seen them up on his IMDB page, which is pretty cool.

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