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New York Acting Headshot Photographer cracked wall new york photography


Here’s some more shots that I did this summer with a local new york agency model, Jacqueline.  She was a blast to work with.  And the whole time I managed to tease her about the fact that I thought because her name was Jacqueline, that she was clearly french.  So I talked to her in a joking french accent for most of our shoot.  Luckily she was a good sport about it.  We had a ton of fun on this shoot.  We ended up doing a pretty early morning shoot, as I think she was busy with a ton of things around this time.  This was right around the time that she took a trip out to New York, to work with some of the great photographers out there.  Which was half the reason I really wanted to work with her.

For the first look I wanted something that was stylish, and maybe a bit over the top.  Something that was a bit on the bad bitch side.  So I thought a jeanshirt buttoned all the way up, and a gold chain would do the trick nicely.  Hair slicked back, in a sleek pony tail.  We shot these first shots literally within a few hundred yards of my studio.  I really love the location of my studio, I just wish it wasn’t so cold in the winter, and so damn hot in the summer.  It’s time to find a new studio space, but it’s hard to find new space when you’re so busy shooting.

New York Portrait Photographer rusted shipping dock


Again just shooting on the loading docks right near my studio.  The light was really pretty out in the morning, even in the shade it had a great warmth to it.

New York Fashion Photographer Stairs over by taxi building, with a rust color


This shot we did over by the taxi building.  I love driving over to this area, because there are nice clean modern architectures to work with.  It’s nice to have those kinds of lines so close to where my main studio is. I get to have the best of both worlds, with a bit of urban grunge, and some nice clean modern stuff all within 5 minutes.

Fashion Photography Jackie New York Modeling agency white wall in Taxi District


Another super simple shot, against the white walls of the buildings over by the Taxi building.  It’s open shade, so it’s really soft lighting, but after a bit of contrast, and dodging and burning, these shots came out really nicely.

Modeling Agency in New York concrete floor shot


For this shot I actually had Jacqueline lay down on the asphalt near my studio, and it gave a great textured backdrop behind her.  I really liked the way that these turned out.

Jackie New York Modeling agency sun drenched summer shots


This was one of the first shots we did that day.  This was when the lighting was still really killer.  The morning light fades quickly into stuff you really don’t want to use.  Something I hadn’t really realized until this shoot.  Because there’s no mountains on this side to break things up, the light quickly turns harsh.  I always like working in the late after noon better anyways, but this shoot further helped to prove to me that it’s just better for longer in the afternoon.

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