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Chuck New York Headshot Photographer

Everyone say hi to Chuck. I recently had the chance to work with chuck to give him some new headshots. He had recently become more of a leader at the tech startup he’s working for, and he wanted to get a headshot that was clean, crisp, and modern. I actually really enjoy doing headshots for people in the Tech industry.  I have quite a bit of history in that industry, it’s actually what I went to school for and I worked for quite a while as a software engineer. So I always feel like it’s really easy for me to relate to people who work in Tech. I’d say I’m certainly pretty gregarious, but when you have a common ground like that it makes it even easier.

Chuck brought his wife along, which was a blast as she was super funny.  She’s actually a local comedian for a improve crew. (More on that in the next blog post 😉  )

For Chuck we went with a clean outdoor look, but I wanted his backdrop to have modern lines to it.  I always think this adds to that tech perception.  I mean technology is all about being modern, and on the cutting edge, so you don’t want to stick someone in Tech against a brick wall, or anything that feels dated.  I honestly think that’s where a lot of my talent comes in, as it’s easy for me to marry the look someone is going for, along with their particular industry so they look like they fit.  This is why I always take real estate agents into really pretty housing neighborhoods.  Not so you can make out a house in the background, but it puts them in their natural setting, and leads to a much stronger headshot.

Ultimately you’re trying to sell yourself through your headshot, and to do that well, you have to look like you belong there.  By me putting my subjects in the right location I can do exactly that.

The retouching for this headshot was pretty simple.  Chuck happens to be a pretty handsome dude.  Combine that with a really funny personality, and there really isn’t all that much work to do on them.  Just basic color and contrast work.

I had a blast working with these guys, and I’m happy I was able to do these shots for Chuck.

If you’re looking for a killer headshot you can check out my portfolio hereCorporate Portraits in New York.  I’d be more than happy to have you come to my studio, and we can craft the perfect shot, or I can come to you, and setup a quick session where you work.  After the shoot, I will proof out all your shots to you, and you get to pick the ones you want me to retouch, so you’re sure to be happy with your portrait.

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