New York Food Photography { Ahhh Attack of the limes }

New York Food Photography Lime Light

First off if you’re looking for a New York Food Photographer check out my portfolio.

Well,… here are the fruits of my labor… O man was that a bad joke.  I’m a little embarrassed for myself at this point.  But no really, I for some reason had a blast shooting this little slice of lime.  He had so much character.  I setup this shot by hanging this little guy in a part of my house with a little window between the kitchen and the dining room with a bit of tippet.  For all you non fly fishermen, that’s basically fishing line.  I had a shoot through umbrella camera left in the first picture, and I had it really close to the lime so i could get a good delineation between the lime and the background.

All of these pictures were shot with my new nikon 105mm macro lens.  Which I have to say I’ve totally fallen in love with.  I’m not sure why I didn’t start doing this sooner.  A macro lens lets me work on my photography in my house instead of out in the cold New York air.  I feel like I can build up a food photography portfolio a lot sooner than I thought it was going to take me if I just start shooting almost everything I eat before I eat it.  I shot some soup last night, don’t worry blog post coming soon on that one.

One major drawback to this lens that I’ve figured out.  It hunts a lot.  When I say a lot, I mean a lot.  It’s really hard for it to pic up precise focus for some reason.  Now I haven’t really shot any other macro lenses, so It’s hard for me to compare, but certainly this bad boy takes a while to find focus.

Tech specs for this first picture.

Exposure: 1/100 sec
Aperture: f/13
Focal Length: 105 mm
ISO Speed: 400

All of the other pictures were shot at similar apertures and shutter speeds.

New York Food Photography White Background Lime

Here’s basically the same shot only on a white background.  Well really it’s not a background at all, I was just shooting directly into the shoot through, which gets me a perfectly white background.  It’s funny how the background can change the feeling of the whole shot.

New York Photography Macro Work Lime

I love all the details this little lens pics up, like the fact that there are little air bubbles in the limes.

Anyways Hope you like em,


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  1. Wolfgang Todt

    Hello Dave,
    I am interested in using your pictures for my store – is there any possibity of getting the rights to do so? I am mainly interested in fruit pictures that represent freshness, dew, crisp etc.

    Any chance that you can email ma back with your “portfolio” – thanks in advance



    please also have a look at the attachment


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