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Linger New York Food Photographer

I had an amazing opportunity to work with a new resteraunt in my area called linger on a featured desert that’s going to be featured in an online magazine called tastingtable.com.  I’m really stoked about this whole shoot.  It really was a blast, and I forgot how much I miss working with food photography.  It’s both wonderfully challenging and oddly interesting.  It’s really amazing how hard it can be to photograph something that is seemingly so freaking simple.  It’s still, it doesn’t move, but without the perfect light and colors that are perfect it will come out looking surprisingly weird.  Food photography is both about focus and lighting, and well we all know how interesting I think lighting is.

So the brief on this shoot was to get a couple of shots of the dish, and a couple of portraits of the chef.  The interesting thing with the portraits was the fact that they wanted the portrait to somehow incorporate butter in the shot.  Like photography iron chef style.  “Today your ingredient is…… SQUID.” kidding.  But the butter aspect certainly made for an interesting shoot.

Had a ton of fun though.  Here’s the head pastry chef at linger Samm Sherman.

New York Chef Portraits Linger Food Photography

New York Food Photography Desert Peanut Butter Cup

New York Food Photography Linger Chef Portrait

I have to say that peanut butter cup was AMAZING!  No seriously you have no idea how good that freaking thing was.  Samm sent one home with me, and I couldn’t have been happier.  It’s like the biggest and best reeses you’ve ever had.


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