New York Food Photographer { Cashew Carrot Ginger Soup }

New York Food Photographer Cashew Ginger Carrot Soup

First off if you’re looking for a Food Photographer In New York check out my portfolio.

Well at this point I would say that I’m just learning so much from shooting food.  It’s weird how complex it is, and how complicated it is to get a good looking appetizing shot.  Go on try it yourself.  You’ll see how hard it can be.  I know all of us portrait photographers thing that shooting something so static would be easy.  But it’s not.  So far the hardest thing is getting the lighting and the setting right.  And lately I’ve been studying a lot of lighting.  I think that if I get the lighting nailed then that’s like 75% of the battle.  The funny thing is that the lighting seems to be really complex on some of my favorite food shots.

For this shot I used a piece of black construction paper, and created a seamless backdrop by propping it up against a wall.  That seemed to give me the best overall look for this shot.  I tried a few different colors, but black seemed to add the most contrast, although I haven’t seen many people use black like this.  So I’m a little worried that this won’t appeal to everyone.  I also shot this with a flash that was bounced off the ceiling to give it a nice soft light with almost no shadows.  I was using 2 flashes to achieve this look.

Hope ya like it


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