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Kelly on MM

Wow winter sure did come out of nowhere.  Man I wish I would have had just a bit more time with all these wonderful fall colors.  I was such a gorgeous fall.  I think that fall has to be one of my favorite seasons warm, great colors, never too hot,  great lighting.  I mean honestly what more could you ask for.

I tell you what…. a killer model.  I haven’t had much of a chance to do any model / fashion / beauty photography lately.  I’ve been busy with life.  Working on a flagstone patio. Enjoying summer time grilling.  But after a really enjoyable summer I decided to jump back into my photography.  I really didn’t do much photography this summer.  Frankly I didn’t feel very inspired.  But after taking a nice long break I felt wildly inspired and really excited to shoot again.  Something I haven’t felt in months.

So I got in touch with a model on model mayhem, and we decided to get a shoot pulled together.  We hit up a location right around my house, and then we headed out to some more nature style places.  Kelly was fantastic, totally comfortable, and came up with a ton of poses all on her own.  It felt more like I was creating art, rather than having to work for it.  I love it when a model brings all kinds of poses to the table.  I don’t think I ever saw the same thing from Kelly twice and that was in 2 hours of shooting.  It’s so difficult to find a good model that you don’t have to constantly be correcting or giving ideas to.  Kelly had a ton of ideas, and was really helpful in the creative process.

After a rough start, with me somehow locking my focus points (worst button on a DSLR EVER  I looked like I had no idea what I was doing….. smooth dave real smooth).  Things picked up quickly and we got a ton of great stuff.

Kathleen Fall Fashion Shoot

Katheleen Kelly Fashion Outdoors Shoot

These 2 shots were actually from a spontaneous location.  We hadn’t planned on going here, but we drove by and saw this awesome tree hanging out with killer light, and I just had to shoot there.  I’m pretty sure this is where I got attacked by ants.  Which has turned out to be a real blast!… kidding.  I’ve been scratching at my legs and ankles all week.  Not. Fun.

Fashion Photographer Dave Brown

I had a ton of fun with this location, I had some killer light from the sun, and I offset that with a nice big umbrella and an SB-600.  With my new triggers I could get crazy sync speed, which meant I could get some great DOF.  I loved shootnig with my 85mm here.

New York Fashion Photography

This was our last location and we got some great stuff here.  As a matter of fact we got so much great stuff I really wish I would have gotten Kelly to do a wardrobe change here, because I could have put a few more looks here into this location.  This shot is by far one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken.  I was offsetting the sun with a beauty dish here, and got some great contrast because of it.  I really liked the way that the light managed to fall on Kelly in these shots.

Hope you like em.

And a huge thanks to Kelly!


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