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New York Fashion Show

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I know everyone is a little tired of seeing shots from this fashion show, but seeing as how I worked on a few more I might as well post them, and talk about them each. Again it’s so weird to me how much more work is involved in fashion photography.  Really it’s so much more of a challenge, getting all the hair right, the makeup spot on, colors perfect, everything has to work so well together.

Anyways for this first shot I didn’t do too much, again I just cleaned up all the fly aways smoothed out her skin a bit, and did a little bit of dodging and burning.  I found a great dodge and burn technique that involves adding a new layer set to overlay and filled with 50% grey.  Then you paint either black to burn, or white to dodge, or 50% grey to completely remove the effect.  Here I didn’t do too much dodging and burning just added a little bit of depth to the hair, and darkened her lips a little bit.  It’s easy to go overboard with this technique so be sure to use a brush opacity that is really low like 25% or so.  I also brightened up the eyes a bit.  Although I really wish there was some way of creating some version of an iris here.  I’m sure I could figure something out, but again I”m not getting paid for these shots so It’s a little hard to put in that kind of time working on creating the perfect eye on a shot that might never really be seen or used.

Fashion Runway Model New York Photography

This shot is my favorite out of all the runway shots for this fashion show.  I’ve only shot a couple of runways before, and if I had to get all the models in every look this shoot would have taken me forever to post process.  This shot I cloned out about 4 people, and did a lot of cloning in general to get the shot to look clean enough to even post.  But I figured it was a fashion show, so I might as well show you some shots from the runway.  This girl had the best runway look out of all of them.  Not cold, not smiling just the faintest hint of warmth.  I like that expression a lot.  The next shot she’s a bit more smiley, but that’s ok I like that look too.  She was just a cute girl all around and walked the runway very well.  This one is definitely my favorite runway shot out of the bunch.  I also had the advantage of having a really big camera so anytime the girls would walk by me they would all give a nice look my direction.  +1 for using a camera big enough to get attention from security guards.

The lighting for these shots was me bouncing my sb600 off a big white sheet of fabric they had hanging from the cieling.  I still wanted to get some of the backdrop in the shot, so I shot at ISO 640, f 3.2, and a shutter around  1/100.  How did I freeze the motion?  Easy at 1/100 your flash fires and actually exposes the scene.  The flash duration is about 1/2500 of a second so you can easily freeze motion with your flash.  These are things you should always be thinking about. 1. Can I bounce my flash off something so I don’t get point and shoot pictures, and 2.  I don’t have to worry about shutter speeds because my flash is going to freeze the motion for me.

Goldyn Fashion Show New York Fashion Photographer Dave Brown

Here is my last shot from the runway that I’ll be showing you guys.  Recognize those lights from the previous shots.  Don’t worry you can go look I’ll wait.  Back yet?  Ok see for this last shot I had to do a ton of cloning.  Removing more people and adding something to the black abyss on camera left.  That’s where I took the lights from the first shot and moved them into this shot.  Another nice thing about getting some ambient in the exposure is being able to see some version of a light source.  It helps the viewer imagine the scene a little bit better.  And just based of the shape of the lights you get a sense of what kind of scene this was in.  I like being able to paint a little bit more of a story even if it involves a bit of photoshop trickery.  But just know there were no lights in the original shot, and there were about 4 more people I had to clone out.  Heck at one point I just started painting black, because it was easier, and worked just as well.

Sorry for more of the shots from the fashion show, I just wanted to post these last few so that I could show you some shots from the runway.  Which is what a fashion show is all about anyways.

Anyways I hope you like em,


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