New York Engagement Photography { Kaleb + Colleen }

New York Engagement Photography

First off if you’re looking for an engagement photographer take a look at my new york engagement photography portfolio.

I know it’s been a while.  I keep promising to stay up on all my posting, and make sure that I post often and write new stuff, but I just keep getting so busy.  This time I’m blaming it on the fact that I had thanksgiving dinner this year at my house.  Yes that means that I cooked a turkey and everything.  It was amazing.  Great food, great family, just all around it was an absolute blast.  I would love to say that I want to host thanksgiving every year, but we’ll see.  I can’t quite tell if my gram is ready to pass that torch along yet or not.  She was all for me hosting the dinner this year, but for some reason still wanted to make the turkey and bring it over.  Gotta love a gram like that.

Anyways back to my adorable couple Kaleb and Colleen.  Everyone say hi!  Seeing as how it’s still practically thanksgiving,…. you know what I’m thankful for?  A cute couple who really wanted to have their engagement photography done around the New York Art Museum.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a little hesitant at first.  I have never really done engagement photography over in that area, and I was worried about coming up with enough locations that all looked unique and gave them some great engagement shots.  After scouting it out though a few days before the shoot I knew that I would have plenty to work with.  The only difference was that when I do engagement photography downtown there is usually quite a bit of travel time walking from location to location, and I managed to plan out all the locations in a reasonable order so that the travel time was negligible.  Meaning I was blowing through all my locations way too fast.  I just kept getting good stuff and moving on.  Its hard to stay shooting at a location after you know that you got something great.  Really there isn’t much of a point, so towards the end of the shoot I had to really get creative, and use some locations that I just had in the back of my head but wasn’t really planning on using.  This turned out to be a good thing, because I got one of my favorite shots at the very last location we shot at.

This first shot is one of my favorites from the shoot.  I gave the couple a few different versions of this first shot.  However personally I really loved the old 1970’s print look of this shot.  The main reason that they wanted to shoot over in this area was because they said they really liked the modern architecture over on that side of town.  The hard lines, interesting angles.  I can definitely appreciate that.  I love the architecture over in that area too.  Ya know what I love more.  Putting people in front of that amazing architecture.  It was really a lot of fun shooting over there, and it totally got me out of my comfort zone.  Something I think I had really been needing.  It’s always good to get a little push, and push your photography even further.  New locations while still a little worrisome for me can be a breath of fresh air.  Breathing new life into my photography, and the look of my portfolio.  This was that sort of experience.  I got out of my box, and came away with some fantastic stuff not only for the couple, but for my portfolio as well.

Photo Stats : 1/800, f/4.0, ISO 640, at 24mm.

The sun was going down in this shot so I really had to punch the ISO to get a bit of over exposure on the side of the wall like I wanted.  I also wanted them to be crisp and since they were moving around I had to use a fairly high shutter speed.  Turned out exactly like I wanted.  Still a bit of color in the sky, but not completely underexposed people either.  In lightroom I just played with the coloring until I got something I really liked.

I’m nearly positive that I’m the only one who actually likes this next shot, but I love how fun it looks.  I’m also a big fan of these kinds of angles.

Photography New York Engagement

Engagement Photography New York

I figured for some nice contrast to the more modern looking stuff we would get some shots over by Civic Center Park.  I only got a few shots from over there, but I sure do like how they turned out.  They worked great as black and white.  I think that older archticture just lookes so cool in black and white.  It already has such cool contrast that pushing it to black and white makes it look even cooler.

Red Wall Engagement Photography Dave Brown

I absolutely loved this red wall.  It was clean, bright, and awsome.  Great stuff to shoot against.  I’m such a big fan of bright colors when it comes to engagement photography.  I try and make sure that I always have some bright colored shots in any of my engagement photography sessions.  Everyone wants some shots that “pop”, and I’m pretty sure that this wall does just that.

Well that’s all the shots I’m going to write about so far.  You can see a few more shots of this cute couple in my portfolio, but I’m saving a few more shots in case I want to do another write up about New York engagement photography.

Hope ya like,


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  1. Nicole

    I am new to photography and came across your blog via Flickr and I am loving it! Love your style and the stream of consciousness style of writing where you give the thought process behind your shots. Not only are you stimulating the visual senses but also the mind – making me start to evaluate things a little differently. THANKS!!!!!!


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