New York Engagement Photography {Carrie + Matt}

Engagement Photography New York

First off if you’re looking for an engagement photographer take a look at my engagement photography portfolio.

So I had a another engagement shoot with a couple transported to New York from Pittsburgh.  Say hi to Carrie and Matt.  They were a great couple to work with, and we had a ton of fun walking around New York taking some nice relaxed candids.  They are planning their whole wedding here in New York, while the actual wedding is going to be in Pittsburgh.  Imagine how hard that would be.  They fly back every couple of weeks, and have a whirlwind of things to get done.  20 minutes for this, 15 minutes for that.  It’s got to be hard.  Good thing they are both so easy going. 

I wanted to take a shot that didn’t have too much life to it to begin with and really work it into something cool.  I have yet to really work a texture into some of my engagement shots just yet, and I thought this would be a good opportunity.  I like the way it turned out.  The original image was just a little too sterile for me.  I can’t wait to work on some of my favorites from this shoot, because they are portfolio worthy for sure.  I’m sure I’ll be writing a post about those shots soon enough, but until then you’re just going to have to wait.  I know, patience is a virtue that I don’t have either.

New York Engagement Photography can be a challenge for this reason, because some of the places that are fun to shoot, also can have a bit of a sterile feel to them.  I believe that engagement photography should be warm and inviting.  Unless you’re going for something that’s more on the fine art side of things.  In that case go for black and white, or low saturation shots.  Got a few of those shots from this shoot, that I’m really pleased with how they turned out.  In those cases off camera flash is your best friend because you can get really dynamic looking lighting that will have a much more unique feel to it.

So this shot has a lot going on with it.  Obviously there are a couple texture layers.  Again here, play with the blending mode on the texture layers to see what has the best effect for your shot.  In my case it usually ends up on overlay, or vivid light.  Those seem to work the best for me, but again experiment around and see what works for you.  Another thing is that you can invert the texture layer first and then cycle through all the blending modes again to see if that changes the dynamic of the texture.  With some textures it won’t change anything, but with others it can be that missing piece to a photograph.  Again there is a gradient overlay, and a color fill layer to get that almost light yellow tone to the picture.  I also played with split toning this image in lightroom a bit.  It was a subtle effect, but it added to the overall end color result of the shot.

Anyways I hope ya like it!


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  1. Tom

    Nice work Dave! Planning a wedding is difficult enough, let alone not being in the same city as everyone…are you going to get to go out to Pittsburgh to photograph the wedding? That would be sweet, and I they’d get some great pics.

    Where do you get your textures? Just doodle them up yourself, or do you download them? Just curious – I’ve never played around much with texturizing shots, but I like what you’ve done here.


    • New York Engagement Photographer

      Yah shooting out in Pittsburgh would be pretty cool. There is so much history there, I’m sure there would be a ton of great backdrops for the whole thing, but I’m not going to be shooting their wedding. I’m going to be shooting a wedding this weekend for a freind, but other than that I don’t really shoot weddings that much. They are so stressful, and while I do like the overall beauty of them, I think for now I would rather focus on other things. That’s why engagement photography is so great for me. It’s much lower stress. Not to say to that I don’t get a little nervous before a shoot, but if you don’t get nervous then you don’t care.

      As far as the textures go, I have a collection of them that I’ve collected over the years. My favorites are ones that I’ve had for pobably about 9 years. I know that’s hard to imagine, but I’ve been doing digital work like this for a long time. There are a few places on flickr that you can find some great textures. Search for Textures for layers, and you can find some good ones that people have spent a lot of time working on.

      On another note, about your website. I have a couple suggestions. I still have to login to make a comment. That’s why I haven’t made any comments on your site yet. Also as soon as you get to your blog there is no way for me to contact you. There is also no link back to your main site from the blog. Once you’re on the blog you can’t get back. Also the only way to contact you is a mailto link. Meaning that if you dont have some version of outlook you can’t figure out what the email address is. And you don’t have a phone number listed, which seems a little weird to me, and might seem creepy to potential clients. Just some thoughts.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  2. Tom

    Thanks for all the feedback Dave. I agree with you about needing to login – thought I had figured that logging in thing out a long time ago but I guess not. Maybe upgrading WordPress reset it? Anyway, it should let you comment without logging in now.

    As to the link between main site and blog, you’re right. There is a link back to the side under the blogroll links, but it really isn’t what I want. I’d like the title bar at the top to link back to the main site, but I haven’t taught myself enough PHP to be able to edit the theme and link there 🙁 Might try to tackle that this weekend. As for the contact page, I used to have a whole interactive contact form, but we recently moved the site to a different hosting site and I have yet to get the script up and running on their site. Another good weekend project…

    Thanks again for the thoughts!


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