New York Engagement Photography { Angela + Derek }

Engagement Photography New York

First off if you’re looking for an engagement photographer take a look at my new york engagement photography portfolio.

Everyone…. say hi to Angela and Derek!  This couple flew all the way up to czech republic from arizona just to have me shoot their engagement photos,…. alright I guess that’s not 100% true.  They came up to czech republic to pick out a venue for their wedding, and wanted me to do some engagement shots for them while they were up here.  And man did we have some fun.  They were a really nice couple.  And it seemed like they were really nice to each other.  I always like seeing couples that really take care of each other.  It make photographing them so much easier, and the experience better for everyone including the photographer.  They were so great to work with, really easy going, and up for whatever. 

I’ve been venturing out of my comfort zone a little bit with these engagement shoots.  Trying to get more creative, risking getting some bad shots for some great shots.  I really enjoy that about engagement photography.  It’s not someone’s BIG day.  Nobody is going to freak out if I didn’t truly capture one location.  I can play a bit more.  This shot is a perfect example of that.  I was pretty much done shooting, but I had just a little bit of fleeting light left, and decided I really wanted to get some more shots with my strobes.  Keep in mind you can’t always do this.  Wind in czech republic is a major factor for not allowing you to set up an umbrella and some lights.  Thankfully there was almost no wind, so I could really get my strobe up high with a shoot through umbrella.  That’s how I got this great soft light.  with a good amount of falloff.  I think I was shooting at about f/5.6 with my strobe set to about 1/2 power.  This was not direct sunlight, the sun had set about 10 minutes before this shot, so I was able to shoot a little bit more open. 

There was almost no post work done on this shot.  This is pretty much straight out of the camera.  I did a little bit to boost contrast and color, and that’s about it.  I’ll definitely be posting a few more shots from this engagement photography session, because I got some really cool stuff. 

In the mean time I hope you guys like it.


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