New York Engagement Photographer { Mike + Annie }

New York-Engagement-Photography-Sunset-Kissing

First off if you’re looking for a new york engagement photographer check out my portfolio.

Man did I have fun with this couple.  Absolute blast to work with.  Annie is a flight attendant and Mike is a pilot.  So these guys are a total aviation couple.  I can’t imagine how much fun it would be to be able to jump on a plane like that whenever you want.  These guys are getting married in Maui, which is totally cool.  I’ve been there a few times, and thought it was fantastic!  They’re going to have a blast getting married there!  I miss those warm tropical places, especially on a day like today that’s all cold and dreary outside.  Boo to that.

I’ve really been enjoying shooting into the sun lately.  I think it adds such a great old school romantic feel to the shots.  and the coloring is so cool.  It’s fun figuring out what lenses are best for these kinds of shots.  Yes the lens actually changes the way that you shoot into the sun, and some lenses are better than others.  Another thing I’ve noticed is that I purposely over expose these shots, they seem to turn out better when I do that, and then bring them back in by boosting the contrast.  This is what I love about photography there is always something new to try out, or something new to work.  Some new style of photography to get interested in.

I’ve also really been debating getting a hassleblad.  For those of you who don’t know a hassleblad is a medium format camera that is kind of the classic medium format machine.  Lots of fashion photographers use these cameras all the time.  The reason being that it has a very fast sync speed, although the max shutter speed is not quite as fast as a mechanical shutter.  These cameras have a shutter that is actually in the lens, and is actually a leaf shutter. Something really cool to see fire. It’s doesn’t slide over the frame, it actually opens and closes without moving up and down.  I’m really debating if I want to get a film camera, deal with a camera without an in camera light meter, and all the struggle that goes along with working with a camera like that.  But the square format of photographs that come out of a medium format camera are totally cool.  I know the camera doesn’t make the photographer, but man sometimes I think a camera can consistently present a distinct style like the hassleblad does.

Back to the couple… here are a few more shots from our shoot.

New York-engagement-photographer-sunset

New York-Photographer-Engagement-Black-and-white

rusty-wall-new york-engagement-photography

This last shot, I’m not really sure if anyone will like it.  It’s very close to the same sort of style of one of my favorite photographers, and I was surprised that I could pull off her post processing style.  Let me know whether you like it or not.


Hope you like them


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