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So a while ago I had the chance to work with this wonderful gentleman on some headshots.  I actually really enjoy doing corporate headshots, because I feel like if you don’t actually take the time to learn a little bit about the personality of the person you simply won’t get a good picture of them.  It’s always been clear to me that taking that extra 10 minutes if you have the time can make or break a shoot like this.

He was interested in getting some shots done, because he wanted something new and modern to put up on his website that he was building.  He was putting together marketing collateral to market himself as a sales speaker.  Which I certainly thought was cool.  I think he had been doing this style of work for a while.  You could tell he was a skilled salesman.  Which I think is a real talent.  For some reason I’m not a very good salesman, but I’m always impressed with people who are.  I have always felt like it’s not something you can learn to be all that easily.  You’re either born to be able to sell people things or not.  Now of course you can learn to be better at it, but I guess for some people like me …. well I guess I’m a slow learner.

We had a fun session though, got a chance to talk about bourbon, and god knows I always love the chance to be able to talk about bourbon.  We also talked about life, and marriage.

This is typically how my sessions go, see a little bit of chit chat, some good conversations and some awesome pictures.  After I got him back his shots it was awesome to see them all put together on his website.  I love it when a plan comes together, or in this case a great shoot.

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  1. Sonja Clark

    I love this headshot. He looks like he has a vision and he’s going somewhere, which make him easy to follow. The white background is very “Steve Jobs” to me. I’d love to see his website to see how he is using them. You have inspired me to post an article that I wrote a few months ago about headshots that I’ve been too busy to post. Thank you!


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