New York Corporate Headshot Photographer { Alyssa }

New York Headshot Photographer Alyssa Natural Light by the taxi building


Here are some shots I did with a local Donna Baldwin Model Alyssa.  Man was she great to work with.  She moved really well, and had a fantastic look to her.  We had a ton of fun shooting together.  We wanted to put some great stuff into her portfolio to make her a bit more marketable around here.  She hadn’t really done much shooting in a while, and her look had changed a bit, so she wanted to update her comp card.  So we went with a couple of outside looks, and some studio stuff.  We wanted to add some variety so she would have lots of stuff to choose from for her comp card.  I worked with her fantastic agent over at Donna to make sure we came out with some great shots that would work well with the way they wanted to market her.

This first shot we shot over by this set of buildings called the Taxi Center.  It’s a fun area fairly close to my studio that has a nice modern clean look to it.  I love using places like these for backdrops.  I like adding those kinds of clean grey colors to my shots.  I shot these both with back-lighting to get a nice deep skin tone, but have the buildings be a bit more blown out.  This keeps the eyes focused on the subject here, with is the gorgeous Alyssa.

More Natural Light work with New York Corporate Headshot photographer


This is one of my favorite shots from the shoot.  I loved the pose.  And I like how all the building adds some context to the shot without being overpowering.

Alyssa Studio shot in New York Photographer Headshot Specialist Pink wall


This shot we did in the studio.  All I did was setup my parabolic, which has recently become one of my favorite lights for getting gorgeous contrast in a very front lit shot.  Of course that’s what a parabolic light is great at, I just didn’t know it until now.  I had always shot my parabolic using side lighting, but that’s only because these shots look so terrible in camera.  It’s only when you get them home, and put some contrast on them do they really pop.  It’s hard to sell that to the client unless you have an example somewhere in your portfolio you can show them so that they actually believe you.

Ringlight in the Studio with Alyssa New York Head shot photographer

New York Headshot Photography Alyssa ringlight


These last 2 shots were super simple on white ring lights.  I actually really liked the way these turned out.  I had my doubts about shooting a white outfit on white, but I think these turned out so cool.

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