New York Band Photographer { Rap Artist 3081 }

New York Rapper Music Hip Hop Artist Portrait


I recently had a great chance to work with a local new york rapper 3081.

The shoot certainly started off a bit interesting.  I felt so bad for this guy.  He ended up going to my old studio address, and because his ride had dropped him off he had no way to actually get to my real studio which is probably a mile away.  This was also one of those nights in New York where it was 5 degrees outside.  His whole crew, and him walked through the frigid cold all the way to my studio.  Which only got worse, because that night in my studio someone had turned off the heat.  I setup the big construction heater for a little while, but after a bit we ran out of gas.

Here real soon I’m going to start looking for better studio space.  The whole bit where it’s too hot in the summer to shoot in the studio, and too cold in the winter makes it really annoying when you’re trying to book good paying work.  I mean it’s workable don’t get me wrong, but it could certainly be better.  My studio mate lynzi and I have both been booking a lot more work lately, which makes it easier to rationalize getting bigger, or better studio space.  I’m hoping to find a place with a nice big cyc wall, and enough room for me to shoot a telephoto lens and still get full length.

This was actually one of the more fun shoots I’ve had here in New York.  His whole crew was super chill, and just hung out while we shot, the whole time keeping jdubb laughing by goofing around in the background.

He wanted to get some shots for his new album cover.  So we ended up going with something super clean on white.  I hard boxed the light so I could get some super crisp shadows.  I love the contrast in these shots.  And his outfit was on point.  The colors were great.  I really liked the way they contrasted with the simple white background.

Whenever you’re shooting with a hardbox, the key is to really nail the exposure, a little bit too bright, and your highlights are blown never to come back.  A little too underexposed, and the wall looks muddy, and highlights don’t pop like they should.

In the end these were the 2 shots that he picked for me to work on.  I hope you like them.



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