New York Actor Headshot Photographer { Chrissy }

New York Actor Headshot Photographer Chrissy in Natural Light

I had the opportunity to shoot some headshots for miss Chrissy a couple weeks ago.  She’s actually Chucks wife.  Which was a ton of fun, because I really just enjoyed being around their energy.  They’re a hilarious couple.  Chrissy is super goofy, which probably explains why she came to me for headshots.  She’s been working with an improv crew lately, and wanted to get some nice headshots for their promotional material.  Honestly, I’m suprised Chrissy didn’t do this kind of stuff sooner, she’s hilarious, and she always has been.

For these shots she wanted something that was clean and professional, but also showed a character.  Something I pride myself on being able to find in a subject.  So we did the shoot outside, with some great light, so we could get a nice fresh look.  I shot these fairly close to my studio, over by the Taxi building.  Which is a nice modern space, with lots of fun backgrounds to work with.  We used some good setting sun natural light, and I actually didn’t back light these.  Which is rare for me, but I wanted the look to be a bit softer for her.  A little bit more inviting.

I’ve actually been shooting a lot of headshot work lately, and I really love it.  It gives me a great chance to meet people, and take a nice clean portrait.  It’s certainly something I love about photography, getting to meet all these people, hear their stories, laugh with them a little, and get a great shot.  I try and make my shoots as carefree as possible by being overly prepared for the shoot.  I make sure I have a ton of ideas for them to pick from, so they can get a shot that they really love.  I think it comes from me shooting so much fashion, where you have to prepare so much for the shoot, because you’re the director.  You have to know what you want from everyone on the team, and make sure that the project comes out looking great.  It can be a lot of pressure, but after you get a few good shoots under your belt, it just becomes second nature.

It’s funny, you think when you’re a photographer, you get to have your work speak for you, but when you’re trying to keep up on blogging, you really have to talk through your shoot.  That’s why these things are basically stream of consciousness for me.  I wish I was a better writer, but it’s just never been my strong suit.

Anyways I hope you like the shots.

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