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Meredith Lovis New York Photography


When you’re as far behind on blogging as I am, you might as well get all the old stuff out the way.  Yes?  Ok good, glad we’re both on the same page. These shots are from a while ago as well.  Everyone say hello to Meredith, who is a local New York model.  I’m not sure she really does much modeling anymore, but she was great when I had a chance to work with her in my studio.  This was another one of those shoots where I just really wanted to get in the studio and do some work.  There wasn’t a makeup artist involved, just me and my assistant, playing around and finding some fun looks. I liked how the shoot turned out overall, and I think I got some really pretty images for Meredith, who was a trooper as I let my assistant shoot a few shots as well. It’s so funny to look back over these shots.  They were from quite a while ago, and I certainly feel like I’ve grown since these shots.  I see so many things that I would have done differently now, but honestly I think some of these still stand up.  Anyways I hope you guys like them. Meredith Lovis New York Photography Meredith Lovis New York Photography

Meredith Lovis New York Photography

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  1. Craig

    I enjoyed the pictures. What you would have done differently?
    Personally I would have looked for a more submissive side of Meridith. Obviously she is a young attractive girl, but I do not buy the determined look she has in these pictures. I would have liked less focused eyes. Maybe a shy, curious, immature and innocent expectation. Would love to hear your thoughts.


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