Mamiko for Bellona Agency Editorial in Flannel Magazine { New York Headshot Photographer }

Corporate Headshot in New York in front of a killer red wall with a great floppy hat

First off if you’re looking for a New York Headshot Photographer you can check out my portfolio here.

So these shots were a total blast.  These are from my trip to japan.  These were actually in Osaka, Japan.  We spent a few days in Osaka to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.  Which after a while can be a little overwhelming.  We’re still planning on moving out there eventually, but I think we’re going to live in Chiba.  Which is a little bit north of Tokyo, where the rent isn’t completely ridiculous, and hopefully we can afford to get a studio space along with a decent apartment.  If not that, then hopefully we can share studio space with another photographer.

It’s weird you would think that sharing space with another photographer would be easy enough if you don’t ever really see each other, but photographers are weird. We have special places we like to put things.  We like knowing where things are going to be when we’re shooting so we can be both efficient, and more importantly confident when working with our clients.  It’s important to look like you have your stuff together.  Even if sometimes things aren’t going exactly as planned.

Lynzi and I both moved into another studio space, which is awesome.  While I will miss my natural light windows I’m excited to see what I can do with more space.  It was always so freaking obnoxious to not be able to shoot full length like I really wanted to.  It’s hard when you simply don’t have the distance to shoot the shot with the right lens.  Luckily now that’s not a problem at all.  I can shoot full length with tons of room on an 85mm.  Something I’ve never been able to do in my studio.

For this series, after seeing my model, I knew that I wanted something that was a bit softer, almost portraits, but still highlighting a style.  Something a bit more flirty and fun than my normal work.  She actually brought fantastic clothes, so it was easy to work with what we had.  Lynzi helped me out a ton by styling all the looks.  I’m not bad at styling, but she’s better.  That’s all there is too it.  Although, when we were on this shoot we weren’t able to assist each other, because we were both shooting at the same time.  That way we could have hair/makeup work on the time when the other person was shooting.  This made it really smooth and efficient.

In the end I think we got the agency some great shots, and I loved the tearsheets that I got from this shoot.  It was so much fun in japan.  Shooting far outside my comfort zone, and I was still able to get work that I was wildly proud of.

Mamiko in Shinjuku Japan Editorial for Bellona Agency

Mamiko in Shinjuku Japan Editorial for Bellona Agency


I really loved the ethereal look to this image.  For some reason it was so much fun to make her look like she was floating.



I must shoot more poured concrete like this.  I love the way it looks in post.  For this shoot I had fantastic light, and I’m a bit sad that I don’t have that these days in New York.  It’s hard when you want soft but gorgeous light mid day.

Green Backdrop doors Mamiko in Shinjuku Japan Editorial for Bellona Agency

Street Fashion in Japan

Fashion Editorial For HUF magazine

Mamiko @ Bellona Modeling Agency

My favorite shot of the series A fantastic Headshot from New York Photographer Dave Brown


By far this was my favorite shot from the shoot.  It’s weird, I feel like I got a lot better as a photographer on this trip, and while I didn’t like this shot initially, after I worked it up I was really happy with the way that it came out.  This shot and the one of Yurina, are probably some of my favorites of the entire trip.

Teal Door and a great city shot in Osaka Japan.  Fashion editorial

Headshot in New York Fashion against teal wall in Japan.



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