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New York Fashion Photography

These shots are from an old editorial of mine.  I actually shot these on my Leica M7.  I honestly haven’t done that much work with my leica, as it’s mostly for me to have fun with when I’m travelling.  That camera is rock solid, so it’s a great travel camera.  I never have to worry about people bumping into it, and who would want to steal a film camera these days.  If they only knew it was worth much more than most of my DSLR setups.  This was all shot with a 50mm summilux.  I absolutely adore that lens.  Of course it’s not as crisp or contrasty as my nikon lenses, but after a bit of post work I can get it exactly where I want it.

Madi is a fantastic local model.  She has a gorgeous face, and she’s super easy to work with.  I love those cheek bones.  For this shoot I wanted to go with something a bit more edgy, hence the body suits, leather jackets, and the side braid.  That first shot was actually shot in my office.  This whole shoot I shot in and around my house.  I wanted to get a bad bitch hanging out at home vibe.  Even though madi is far from bad bitch status.


Film Photography in New York

This was shot on portra, the light leak was added in post.  All the film grain is real, and I think the lines are from dragging the film through the scanner.  I actually devloped and scanned all this film on my own.  Which was the first time I had done that for a shoot.  I was nervous beforehand, so I practiced on quite a few rolls before the shoot to make sure that I was capable of devloping my own film.  Developing your own film can be one of the most rewarding things when it comes to photography.  It makes you feel like you’re part of a different class of photographers.  Ones who know how to make magic happen with film and chemicals.


New York Fashion and Film Photographer


This shot was an angle I had in my head for a while.  I rarely shoot with a 50mm with most of my work, but when you’re shooting wider you can get shots like this, because you don’t have to be ridiculously tall to pull them off.

Sexy Boudoir Photography

Shot in my living room with some of the furniture removed.  I loved madi’s pose in this one.  And you can see she’s actually pretty ripped.

Sexy Headshot Posing Photography


I wasn’t convinced by this shot at first, but Lynzi told me I had to edit it.  In the end it turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the whole shoot.

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