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I actually think these shots were all the way from last fall.  I had just bought my first medium format camera, and I was having a blast playing with it.  I really loved Lorins look, and I wanted to put together a shoot that was a bit more emotional, and had very little to do with the clothing for a change.  Not that I’m historically all about the clothing, but I wanted these to feel like very emotional portraits.   I wanted to put together a story that was more about the person.

This first shot was actually one of the last shots of the day.  Right as the sun was setting.  Which I have to say with film, it’s super hard to meter this kind of light.  Everything is pretty soft, but you really want to over expose when you’re on film.  I always go 2 stops over on color, and one stop on black and white film.

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The post work on this shot was pretty simple, but I used a gradient map to make that grassland go that vibrant orange.  I wanted it to look almost like it was on fire, being lit up by the sun.  Lorin has such pale skin, I really loved the contrast of her with that backdrop.  I just realized I actually shot these 2 years ago.  That’s how old these are, and how behind on posting up all my work on my blog I am.

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This is still probably one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken.  And this was on film.  We shot this in my studio, and someday I’m really going to miss these gorgeous industrial windows.  I can’t wait to find better studio space though.  Lynzi and I have been crushing it lately, and it’s time to start booking bigger clients, that really want the kind of space that says we’re as professional as we really are.

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I guess there’s a lot of shots that I liked from this shoot.  I remember when I first saw this shot, I wasn’t convinced by it, but after I worked on it a bit, I really liked the way it turned out.  I think the cross earing for some reason adds a great bit of mystery to this shot.

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This was a polaroid shot that I took on my mamiya.  I’m so happy that with my camera I got a polaroid back, so I can do these kinds of shots.  The light leak was added in post.  I wanted to add a bit of flare to the shot, and I pulled some of the orange I used from the other shot into here.  That way I could tie them all together.  I actually shot this with studio lights, but I always wished I had pulled the light around just a bit more.  I don’t like that total cross light on this one.

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Still one of my favorite portraits I’ve ever taken.  One of the few times that I really loved seeing a model smile.  She just had such a pretty smile in this shot, it was hard not to love it.

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