Lindsey Vonn Editorial and Cover for Rhapsody Magazine

Lindsey Vonn


So this was certainly one of the bigger shoots that I did this year.  This was a full team effort, and I was so happy to get the chance to shoot a cover for a major publication like this.  Even better they wanted me to shoot a fashion editorial for the inside of the magazine.  This shoot was certainly intense for me.  I knew the creative director was going to be on set that day.  Not like that’s something new, but it always adds a bit of pressure when your client is right there with you on the shoot.  In reality he was awesome, and was extremely helpful on the shoot.  He had a real vision for what he wanted out of the shots, and he was helping us the whole time.

We started off the morning getting up super early and driving to vail for this shoot.  Where we started off the day chatting about the shoot and location scouting.  I found some great spots, but I knew it was going to be work.  This shoot wasn’t just going to be handed to me.

Meeting Lindsey was interesting at first, I couldn’t tell if she was tired from training all that morning, or if she was just generally a bit quite.  So I would have to say the first few shots of the shoot took quite a bit of work, but then we got in her own personal gondola.  And that couldn’t have been better.  As we were riding up, we got to talk to her about going to a Broncos game the night before, and how she couldn’t have a beer, which was a bummer.  After that conversation the rest of the day was a blast.  Me and my assistant were joking with Lindsey the whole time, and we couldn’t have had more fun.  The shoot was still a lot of work, as we shot in 5 different locations, including setting up a makeshift studio.

We also got to shoot in one of the private suites at this hotel and let me tell you it was bomber.  I couldn’t believe that people could own these places that were throwing distance from the slopes, and still had these amazing views.

By the end of the day I was completely spent, but at the same time I felt like I had done a good job.  After the shoot the creative director wanted to download the shots and browse them while we were packing up.  After we were done packing up he told me he loved the shots.  Which was an awesome compliment, and a moment I’ll certainly never forget.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn @ Vail Resorts

Lindsey Vonn @ Vail Resorts

Lindsey Vonn @ Vail Resorts

Lindsey Vonn for Rhapsody Magazine

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  1. Tom Hewett

    Wow, Dave! It has been a while…and you are absolutely killing it! Obviously, I’m going to have to get back into checking your site more regularly. 🙂

    Two young kids (and a full time science job) means I don’t get to do as much photo work as I’d like, but I do get to keep my hand in occasionally.




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