Headshot Photographer in New York { Heidi }

Teal backdrop Heidi with a parabolic umbrella

First off if you’re looking for a New York Headshot Photographer you can check out my portfolio here.

These shots sure were fun.  Heidi is a great local New York model.  She’s been a model for Donna Baldwin for just a little while, but already she’s had some pretty big gigs.  She was a blast to work with with, and I think we got some killer shots.  It sure was fun working with her pretty face.  These kinds of headshots are my bread and butter, and why I love shooting them.  Like I always say I like making pretty people look even prettier.

That first shot up there was actually the last look that we did that day.  I really wanted to play some more with my parabolic, as I had just started to fall in love with it again.  I swear it’s amazing how terrible it can look on camera, but how fantastic it looks once you dial the contrast back.  Because it’s so directional, but it’s still a bit light source, it’s hard to see what you’re getting while you’re shooting.

Speaking of fun accessories, I’ve been really considering building my own workstation just for shooting tethered.  It kinda bums me out that I got rid of my last rigs tower, but I guess I didn’t realize that I would need or use it.  I thought for sure ‘eh just chuck it, you’ll never use it’, like all the other towers I’ve built over the years.  I really think I could put together a solid system for tethered shooting for around 1k, but that seems like so much to spend right now.  I’m not booking the huge clients that bring a whole team on set for those kinds of gigs.  The only part that’s really odd to me when I think about building my own system is the fact that I would have to have all the parts.  Meaning I’ve had the same keyboard for more than 10 years now, and it’s held up great.  I wouldn’t even know what kind of keyboard to get.

Headshot Photography in New York Heidi in Jeans on Deep Grey backdrop studio shot


These shots were so much fun.  They’re also stupid simple.  I shot a big softbox, and that’s it.  The model was maybe 4-5 off the backdrop, and I shot them a bit open.  I loved the way that the soft background came out.  Although I struggled to keep it from going too blue.  I had to tone that down in photoshop.  I shoot really cold when I’m shooting which means I normally correct it in post.  I just don’t like seeing really warm shots on the back of my camera when I’m shooting.

Dave Neighleigh backdrop behind Heidi in an all Jeans outfit New York Headshot Photogapher

New York Headshot Photogrpaher Heidi with flowers on Teal backdrop

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