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Studio lit on white with a slight tan coloring.  Beauty dish light, and a parabolic that was accidentally on


Well I’m certainly trying to stay on top of my blogging.  I wouldn’t say I’m doing a great job of it, but I’ve been doing better than I was before.  The weather here in New York has really been fantastic out lately, which has a great effect of putting me in a fantastic mood.  It also means that I start to get really inspired.  I would say that I have a tendency to hibernate in the winter time.  It’s just not my favorite time to shoot.  I love working with natural light, and interesting backdrops, with great people.  In the winter time, what I refer to as studio season I tend to get a bit bored of doing the same thing over and over again.  So I try as hard as I can to mix things up.

This shoot was just that, it was just starting to get warm out, and I really wanted to do some test work.  I contacted the lovely ladies over at Wilhelmina and setup a test shoot with one of their newer models.  I also think this was one of my first shoots in my new studio.  So I was stoked to feel out the new space.  It’s kinda weird, but I swear when you as a photographer get a new space, you really need to get a feel for it.  How lighting might work differently, and how the space feels.  How far do you want to put models off the background etc.

I of course also wanted to do some exploring around my new studio space.  I honestly am not sure whether I had more cool spots to shoot at my old location, or if I had just been doing a ton more exploring over the years, and so it feels like there’s more locations.  I still haven’t really had enough time to go find a ton of fresh new locations, and I’ve been falling back on some of my old favorites.  I’m sure I’ll get around to that soon enough.

That first shot up there is kinda funny.  I had actually put a gridded beauty dish up, and I couldn’t figure out why the background wasn’t as dark as it should have been.  I figured it was just the light reflecting more off the cieling, something that I thought I had accounted for, but again I figured I was just wrong.  Well it turns out that I had a big parabolic that I had setup for another shoot, that was still turned on.  Turns out this happy accident has lead to be one of my favorite new lighting setups.  I really like how there’s a gradient that is reverse of the way you think it should be, with more light on the bottom of the background than on the top.

Hailey wilhelmina model in New York on a concrete backdrop with fall colors


This is one of the spots I found right around my studio space.  I really liked how this came out, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of vegatation grows around my studio.  This is all natural light, with just a bit of back lighting coming from camera left.

Studio shot with fashion lighting, and a sexy black dress


This was a shot I had been wanting to do for a long time, but I thought I didn’t have enough room in my old studio space.  Turns out I was wrong again, and I probably could have pulled this off in my old space.  This is a simple beauty dish, with a grid, on a plain white background that’s about 5 feet away.

Hard Light with the same sexy black dress against a white backdrop in the studio

Classic hardlight headshot with a ton of contrast and emotion


These are just hardboxed.  I always love the way this light looks, and it’s one of my go to’s.  It’s a pretty simple setup, but the retouching on it is what makes it go from meh to wow.  Just add a ton of contrast, and make sure all the skin is perfect.

Again more tan backdrop with a gridded beauty dish, and a parabolic pointed at the backdrop


Here you can really see the parabolic.  Notice the weird shadow that her hands cast on her legs.  That’s a parabolic.

Anyways I hope you guys like these.

And again if you’re looking for a New York Headshot Photographer you can check out my portfolio here.

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