Food Photographer in New York { Grilled Alaskan Salmon }

Food Photographer in New York Salmon Shoot

Grilled Salmon = Yum.  No Seriously.  I recently had a chance to do a bit of food photography which was a total blast.  I always forget how stressful food is to shoot though.  It’s not easy.  I realize it doesn’t move, it can’t show emotion, but it’s a real challenge to get something that looks nice on a plate without it ending up looking dead and dried out.  I have noticed a recent trend of photographers to get into food photography, but not putting in the hard work it takes to learn how to light food.  Yes I know surprising but it’s complicated to light food.  And also surprising is the fact that you light food almost exactly opposite from how you would light a portrait.  Which for a portrait photographer is a hard thing to grasp.  I think the people who would have the easiest time jumping into food photography would be the ones who only shoot macro’s.  Something I’m not sure there is much professional market for, but they would have the easiest time understanding focus and lighting when it comes to food.

For this particular food shoot they wanted a bright summery feel.  Which in all honesty was kind of difficult on a shady windy chilly spring day in Czech Republic.  Those of us that live here know the kind of day I’m talking about.  You bring your fleece and have no idea whether that’s going to be enough clothing for the day or if you’re going to wish you had brought a heavier jacket.  Could go either direction in Czech Republic.  Fifty-Fifty shot between snow, and a gorgeous day.  So we started off the day wanting to get the main shot of the day.  A plated version of the dish.  I wanted to focus on this shot, because without this shot, my client would not have been happy.  And with something like this you want to nail the beauty shot, and then you can relax and have fun with the rest of the shoot.  So we focused on this shot.  Getting a bunch of different angles before the lettuce was wilted and the salmon dried out.

After that we moved on to some shots of the Salmon on the grill which was a real treat, because I got to have a few pieces after the shoot was done.  Now lemme tell you this was a gorgeous piece of fish, perfectly cooked, and it tasted delicious.  Totally awesome.

Here’s my favorite shot from the grill.

Grilled Salmon New York Food Photographer, Resteraunt Photographer

Anyways I hope you guys like the shots.


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  1. Teana

    I agree. Food photography is a bit challenging compared to other genre. You need good natural light for the food to look yummylicious. 😛


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