Food Photographer in New York { Food Shootout }

New York Food Photographer Pommegranate

I sure did have some fun this last weekend.  I went on a food shoot out.  Cooking and shooting.  I was surprised to find out how hard that actually is.  It takes time and patience to shoot food, it takes those same two things to cook it.  So shooting and cooking is quite a challenge.  My hat goes off to all you food bloggers out there.  I’m not sure how you do it all the time.  I would get annoyed and bored a bit to quickly and easily.  Alhtough I guess I didn’t just have one dish to shoot, I cooked up 3 dishes, and photographed all 3 of them.  which was certainly quite a challenge.

New York Photographer Egg Salmon

That first shot was of course pomegranate.  I was using it as a stand in to get my lighting all setup the way that I wanted to, and ended up liking the shot quite a bit.  I love those little happy accidents.  The next shot are egg crepes with some baby spinach (that actually wasn’t as baby as I wanted), and smoked salmon. I made the eggs with a little bit of green onions kinda cooked right into them.  I will say the eggs, and the spinach was great, but man I can’t seem to get into smoked salmon.  You would think with all the sushi I eat that I would love the salmon, but I can’t do it smoked like that.  I need some friends that will eat anything so that I can cook and then give them my leftovers.

Food Photographer in New York Tuna Pasta

This dish was fantastic.  This was a lemon butter wasabi pasta with some ahi tuna, and a little bit of cilantro for color.  Really easy to make, cook pasta, juice lemon, melt butter, put it all over the pasta, slice some ahi, and you’re good to go.  Don’t forget the fresh cracked pepper.  I’m such a fan of cracked pepper on dishes like this, it really just seems to bring out the flavor.

New York Food Photography Pear Desert

Of course this was my favorite dish.  I cooked kind of a poached pear.  I made a simple syrup with quite a bit of vanilla, and then poached the pears for about 10 minutes.  They were fantastic.  Again, really easy desert, and you could do it with almost any fruit.  I wouldn’t try it with citrus fruits though.

Here are some of the natural light versions of these same dishes.  I tend to like the clean simplicity of the other shots, but these have a certain character to them too.

Natural Light Food Photography Egg Rolls

Tuna Pasta New York Food Photographer

Anyways Hope you like them,


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  1. Sandy

    These are fabulous! I know food is not easy to photograph well. These pics look like they belong in a magazine!


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