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These are some shots I did on film for an editorial in Jute Magazine.  I really loved this shoot.  I felt like at this point I was really getting a hold of what my Leica could do, and how I could make it really stand out.  I had also figured out by this point how I could develop my own film, and process and scan it.  This was the shoot that I got a new scanner for.  And I really loved the way the images came out. I haven’t been shooting with my film cameras as much lately, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the way they feel.  It’s just really hard to shoot client work on them.  The turnaround time isn’t something most clients want to wait for.  Which I completely understand.  Most of us work with deadlines, and an extra 2 weeks can mean the difference between getting something out when your customers are seeking it out, and getting it out so late nobody cares.

That first shot we did right in my backyard.  The door that goes out to my backyard is all glass.  I had had one of those reflection shots in my head for a while, but I was ssurprisedto see that it’s actually a bit harder than it looks.  There was a ton of reflection, and the only way to minimize, or eliminate that was actually to hang a big black cloth behind me.  If you look closely you can actually see my hand coming over to hold my Leica in portrait.  That’s still probably one of favorite shots on film that I’ve ever taken.  I love all the colors.

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This one we shot in my dining room.  The blinds acted like a great softbox.  The light was soft and smooth.  I probably could have focused this one a bit better, but it was hard to tell with such contrasty light when you’re framing a shot up in a rangefinder.  Megan was wearing some fantastic clothes that day.

New York Modelling agency


This shot was outside against my neighbors house.  He hasn’t painted the damn thing in years.  Bitter? Me? No….


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Again in my dining room.  I especially loved the way her eyes came out in this shot.  For some reason I loved damn near everything about this one.

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Here Megan was sitting in my living room where I have a nice seating area.  Again just soft natural window light.  The prettiest, easiest stuff you can shoot.

Megan Sitting Modeling Agency

New York Modeling Agency


This was my last roll of color for the day, and I decided to go with something a bit more punchy.  Because film has such great dynamic range I decided to try out these shots.  After I added a bit of blue in the shadows I think these came out great.

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