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New York Fashion Photographer Great Model

I hate putting all this portrait orientated shots on my blog, because I don’t feel like they work as well as the landscape oriented shots, but whatcha gonna do.  I could make them smaller, but I like my work to be shown at a decent enough size that you can really get a feel for the shot, and see some detail.  For instance on this shot I did a ton of post work, hopefully none of which you can see.  Fashion is weird like that, it involves so much more than the more natural look of my engagement photography.  Not that I don’t do post work on my engagement photography, but it’s more about contrast and color, and less about makeup, fly aways and bone structure.

I really shouldn’t make it sound like all the post work I did here changed the overall image that much.  I hope that none of it is noticable, and that all the things I did just make the image work a little more, with less distraction. 

Cleaning up hair, while it’s a complete pain, and takes forever.  Is really something that you gotta do on fashion shots.  My strategy is this.  If the hair is over the skin I use the spot healing tool, and run it along the hair, and this works suprisingly well.  It’s quicker than trying to clone it out. use a brush size that’s about 5px wider on each side of the hair, and it should work faily well.  For hair that’s not over this skin, i used a really large blur layer, and masked it out for everything besides the edge of the hair.  That seemed to work pretty well.  I also used a burn layer to burn down some of the brighter pieces of hair so that nothing in the hair was too distracting.

To give the eyes a bit more pop I added a screen layer to the image and masked out everything but the eyes.  Next time I’m going to bring a flashlight and shine it in the models eyes so the pupils aren’t so dialated.  That would have made this shot really amazing.  I wish there was some way of creating more iris than is really there, but I didn’t go that far.  Next time.

The skin was fairly easy, she had beautiful skin to begin with so just a little bit of spot healing tool, and then a general blur layer to smooth out some of her skin, being careful to leave some texture around the eyes.  I think that if you smooth out too much people look like aliens, which is not exactly flattering.

Obviously I played with a bit of saturation, and other colors to give it some pop.

I have a few more shots from this fashion show, most of which I don’t like as much as these 2, but I think I’ll still post them seeing as how content with New York fashion photographer all in it is nice to have.  Even though it hasn’t really made me any money.  One of these days, I’ll be making money off my fashion photography,…. hopefully. 

It is a little weird to see how far I’ve come since some of my first strobist shoots working with models.  I was so green, I had no idea how to direct, I was totally freaked out by off camera lighting, and spent most of the time fumbling with settings on my camera.  Now at least I can recognize a good shot in my camera when I see one, and I work off of instinct a lot more than thought.  It’s a weird change for me.  I’m digging it though.

Anyways hope you like it.


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