Engagement Session with Erin and David { New York Engagement Photographer }


Engagement Shot of Erin and David

So here’s the first photograph of an engagement shoot that I did with David and Erin.  They were great to work with, tons of personality, and just really nice people.  I will be posting more and more photos of them as I get a chance to work on them.

For this shoot we walked around downtown New York just finding cool stuff for backdrops, and snapping tons of pictures.  I’m glad I didn’t burn through my whole memory card on this shoot, but I sure did come close.  I took about 900 images, and have now culled that down to about 200 good shots.  I still have a ton of work ahead of me on this one, because I really want to get a ton of great stuff for these guys. 

As far as the first shot goes.  This was shot at ISO 250, f/3.5, 1/200th.  The post process on this is going to be a little bit more involved, just because I want all the colors in the images to look great. But here’s the basic overview on this first shot:

  • First I did a little sharpening in lightroom.
  • Then I pushed the saturation, clarity, and vibrance all to about 10
  • Used an S curve for some better contrast, and upped the blacks a bit in lightroom.
  • Toned down the red saturation for this shot.
  • Then I pulled it into photoshop to duplicate the layer and set its blend mode to overlay
  • Added a oval shaped mask on this because overlay on skin doesn’t look so good, but overlay does create a great vignette effect on images with bright colors.

Here’s the black and white version just for fun:

Erin and David Engagement Shot black and white

Hope you like em.


2 Responses

  1. Tom

    Really love the colors in this one Dave! I’m gonna have to work some more on my wide-open shots. Every time I do it I seem to end up with the focus just a bit off, so I have been in the stopped-down mode for a while… Time to start pushing the limits again! Thanks for inspiring me…

  2. New York Engagement Photographer

    Thanks man, Ya I would say push the limits on some shots, and get your safety shots too, because for this one it seems like I should have shot a little more closed down for some of the shoot. There were some great ones that I just barely missed. I’ll definitely be thinking about that more next time.


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