Engagement Photography New York { Carrie + Matt }

New York Engagement Photographer with Matt and Carrie

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Man what a whirlwind it’s been lately.  The weekend before last I was focused on making sure that Carrie and Matt got some great engagement photographs, and this last weekend I shot my first wedding.  Of course Carrie and Matts engagement photography was easy.  Cute couple, totally in love, pshhh nothing more to ask for there.  Heck I even found a few new places to shoot around New York that I really like. 

The wedding was a heck of a challenge though.  Now for the wedding I had a great looking couple totally easy going and they’re getting married, so you know they’re happy.  That kind of happiness always comes across in pictures.  I got some wonderful shots of their wedding.  I also learned a ton about shooting a wedding.  I learned a ton about photography under high stress.  Frankly I think I picked up more in one day of photography than I ever have any other time in my career as a photographer.  Had it not been for my knowledge that I got from the local strobist group I would have been flailing in the wind, watching the whole event fly by me.  Not being able to properly light a single shot.

So now I have some more shots to work on from the engagement photography session with Carrie and Matt, and about 2k images to look through and process from Jan and Andrews wedding.  I think if I plan on shooting weddings I’m going to need another 4gig memory card.  I can’t believe how close I came to almost filling mine up.  I had to start scrimping towards the end.  I think in reality I probably would have had another 500 shots if my memory card wasn’t full, and my battery wasn’t dying.  Yes I had backups, but sheesh I was tired. Shooting from 10am, till 8pm is a long time to hold my camera.  Especially with a 70-200 on it.  And most of the time I had a flash on it for fill.  That was another surprise to me,while my main camera battery was at the end by the end of the night, I managed to make almost the whole wedding on basically 2 flashes.  I thought for sure I was going to go through at least a couple sets of batteries on my flash, but for some reason they just kept holding on. 

Anyways now that I’ve got my ramblings out of my system.  Back to the engagement shot of Carrie and Matt.  I’m not going to give away my location for this shot, because I like the location a lot, and I don’t want other photographers mucking it up by being goofy and taking every client there.  I have only a few locations like this where if a bunch of photographers came in jumping around like grasshoppers it would muck it up for the rest of us that come here to quietly do photography.  Lets just say there are some nice big open windows that have great light, and that’s what I used to light Carrie and Matt for this shot.  Interestingly enough the wall behind them is actually grey, but I played with the color balance enough to get the wall to turn a nice calm teal color that isn’t quite so sterile.  There are a couple of copied layers that are set to screen and overlay to add a nice saturated contrasty feel to the image, and also a color fill layer to keep the colors nice and even.  Other than that there really isn’t that much to it. 

Hope ya like it


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  1. Tom

    Nice one, Dave!

    Weddings really are intense! There’s no other kind of photography that’s as high pressure as a wedding, IMO… Looking forward to seeing what you got – I’m sure there’s some great shots to come. 🙂


    • New York Engagement Photographer

      I really don’t understand how people shoot weddings full time. I mean that has got to be so stressful. I couldn’t imagine being under all that pressure all the time. I wouldn’t mind shooting a wedding or two here or there, but I’m not going to make my whole photography business be about weddings anytime soon. I like what I do at this point, and for the most part it’s a lot lower stress than shooting weddings. You’ll have to let me know what you think of my wedding shots once I start to get a few of them up.


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