Engagement Photography New York { Candace + Andrew }

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Man I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a real post about some of my recent work.  I’ve been so busy with other things going on in my life it’s been hard to stay on top of blogging.  Not that blogging is really a chore, I love writing about all my photography sessions, and being able to look back on them with some version of commentary.  Even if the commentary is lacking I hope the photography isn’t.

I sure do love spring time.  The weather here has been rainy, but it’s getting better.  Thank goodness for that.  I don’t know how many more rainy days I could take.  It’s not like we live in Seattle!  But spring gives way to summer which means more reliable springtime shooting downtown.  I hate having to be nervous about whether a shoot is going to get rained out.  Thankfully here in New York that’s usually not so much of a problem.  Although even when it is I still have plenty of indoor locations scouted out just in case.

So anyways back to Candace and Andrew.  Everyone say Hi!  They sure were a nice couple to work with.  Never serious.  Plenty of character, good smiles.  There really isn’t much more I could ask for.  We had a lot of fun even though it was a cloudy day.  I don’t always like the way color shots come out on cloudy days, but man black and whites look fantastic.  Sunny has the advantage of looking great in certain shots, and then having harsh shadows in others, but cloudy days you never have to worry about shadows.  Which makes my life a lot easier.  It’s hard to get couples to look natural when I’m trying to make them move out of each others shadows.

This first shot is in front of my favorite wall in all of downtown New York.  I swear I lead off with the shots from this wall on more of my blog posts than any other, but it’s just so versatile.  And on this particular day I just so happened to get lucky enough to have a chair hanging out on the sidewalk which changed the whole mode of how I usually shoot this wall.  I still did some of my standard shots, but I loved the dynamic that the chair gives.  And frankly I just love this shot.

Photography Stats: 1/500, f/4, ISO 400, at 48mm on my 24-70 2.8.

Black and White Fine art Engagement Photography

This shot simply goes to prove how great B+W shots come out on a cloudy day.  Great soft light.  No harsh shadows, and I was able to push as much contrast as I wanted to at this shot.  Which is usually a lot for me.  I love really contrasty photography.  Not sure why, but it seems that’s probably because when I started out on film I used to shoot almost exclusively on B+W film.    I like that you can almost make out an outline of the mountains in the background.  Giving context, but not exactly glaring in your face.

Photography Stats: 1/2000, f/4.0, ISO 800, 55mm on my 24-70 f2.8

Bench Engagement Photography New York

You can see by this point the sun was starting to come back a bit for the day.  I love the added warmth in the tones that some fresh sunlight gives.  I actually have another shot at this same location, that I like better, but I’m saving the surprise for Candace and Andrew.  I just how it really seems like I captured a moment here, something I always love being able to do.

Photography Stats: 1/640 , f/3.2, ISO 400, 70mm on my 70-200 f2.8

Ok here comes the last shot.  But I’m just warning you.  I already understand it’s not the traditional over saturated, engagement photography shot.  But for some reason I absolutely love it.  I still can’t really explain why.  But lets just say this is why I do engagement sessions, so that I can have these artsy moments which really better define what I’m trying to accomplish with my photography.

Hill Photography Services New York

Photography Stats: 1/4000, f/2.8, ISO 400, 34mm on my 24-70 f2.8

Anyways I hope you like these shots.  Thanks again to Candace and Andrew for a great engagement photography session.


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  1. Candace

    Hi Dave. You did an amazing job of capturing the moments between us. The thing that is the most obvious in the pictures is our love for each other, which you brought out beautifully. Thanks for a fun day and for the amazing photographs to remember it!


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