Engagement Photography in New York { Tiffany + Tony }

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Man I’ve been lax in getting around to writing another blog post.  It’s been forever I feel like.  I just wanted to throw these up real quick and give you guys a look at this shoot that I’ve been working on lately.  On another note I took another awesome trip down to Austin that was really great for me.  It was great to meet a bunch of people down there and I was sad that I couldn’t stay for SXSW.  I do really love that place.  Although I have no interest in being down there with all the heat and humidity.  I hate that feeling of being gross whether you’re all clean or not.

Anyways back to my shoot.  Everyone say hi to Tiffany and Tony.  These guys were great.  Cute couple, tons of fun.  Really I couldn’t ask for more.  That and they really seemed to work well together.  Something you don’t always see when you do as many engagement sessions as I do.  We had a blast walking around downtown, taking pictures and enjoying the day.  It got dark a bit early but that wasn’t a problem because I just brought out my lights and had some fun taking some shots that had some nice off camera lighting on them.  It’s amazing what you can do with one little strobe and an umbrella.  It’s really easy to walk around with my pack, light stand and my umbrella lives in my backpack.  I only shoot 3-4 different locations with a strobe, but it’s always fun to see how they come out.  I like giving people a very different look to the more traditional engagement type shots.

Engagement Photography in New York Tiffany and Tony

For some reason this little shot has turned into one of my more favorite locations.  I have really enjoyed shooting through things recently.  Not only that but I can usually get a nice little laugh out of the couple when I say I’m going to be the creepy guy in the bush taking pictures of them.  I think it’s just because I’m itching to get a chance to go do some model/fashion photography out in a corn field.  Something that as cliche as it sounds I’ve always wanted to do.

Engagement Photographer in New York Dave Brown

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