Cynthia New York Real Estate Agent Headshot Session

Cynthia New York Real Estate Agent Modeling Agency Photography Teal backdrop with Parabolic Light

First off if you’re looking for a New York Headshot Photographer you can check out my portfolio here.

I can’t tell you how much fun the last few days have been.  First off this weekend I had two fantastic shoots.  One was a modeling portfolio shoot that went awesome, and the second one was headshots for an opera singer here in New York.  I can’t share any of the pictures yet, but I’m super excited about them.  We shot when it was snowing super hard and we got some amazing shots.

One small story from that shoot.  I actually had some guy yell at me that I was a bad photographer in the middle of the shoot.  Which was hilarious.  Why did he yell at me?  He decided that I had given him bad directions on how to get to the contemporary art museum.  Which I thought was hilarious.  I told him 2 times exactly where to go, and neither time did he listen to me.  Meanwhile I was clearly trying to setup lighting while it was snowing/sleeting.  So I wasn’t exactly in a place where I could help out a ton.

Minus the crazy guy yelling at me though, I got some killer shots, that I can’t wait to edit, and show you guys.

Ok back to this shoot though.  This is Cynthia, who just got her licence to be a local real estate agent, and she’s going to start selling homes in the New York area, which I thought was pretty cool.  Not to mention she had her own law practice for a long time, and decided to move up to New York, and get in the real estate business.  It was cool hearing her talk about her life, and I was super excited to get some really amazing portraits of this amazing woman.  Jack came along to do hair and makeup for us, and the shots came out great.

The setup for this shot was extremely simple.  It’s just a parabolic light setup above my head, aimed for her face, so the brightest part of the parabolic is hitting the bridge of her nose.  In post, it’s pretty simple.   Basically all I did was tweak the colors so everything pops, without being overdone, and then I turned up the contrast a bit.  When you’re shooting this lighting setup it’s pretty hard to show the clients the images, because they really don’t look very good until you get them in post.  It’s one of those weird things with photography.  Frankly I don’t understand it, because you always hear people talking about how you’ve absolutely got to get it right in the camera.  What they don’t understand is that I think this is true to a point, but you should really be pushing your comfort zone and figuring out what works for you.

Anyways I hope you like them.

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